Notifications Stopped Working Today

My notifications for motion/AI events stopped working today. Just checked and cameras are set to send notifications. They were working and have now stopped.

Anyone else having issues or is it just me?


My Cam Plus notifications haven’t worked today, but my legacy Person Detection notifications for my V2’s, which also uses the AI, has been working, so it’s an issue with Cam Plus.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that if I go to the events tab, the events are still recorded and still labeled correctly, I just haven’t received notifications for them.

Not using CamPlus…just legacy person detection.

That is interesting,

My Legacy Person Detection notifications have been working today. Keeps telling me there is a person in my den, and it’s always just my big fat black cat stretching again. :rofl: I keep submitting those to Wyze with the correction.

It’s really strange. I have one camera with CamPlus and the others with just Person detection. The videos are tagged correctly (person, vehicle, motion, etc.) Just not getting the push notifications. Everything was working yesterday and I haven’t made any changes so I have to assume something with the servers???

I’m also having issues. Cam Plus person detection doesn’t seem to be working at all. No events show up if I filter them by “person” (but there are definitely people in some of the events)

So, at 6pm PDT, alerts started working again. Got notification when UPS driver made a delivery but nothing before that.

Same issue happening for me. Any suggestions on how to fix this?