No notifications; can't get a Support Ticket to work

I have notifications set to ON for all cams (3 v2 and 1 Pan). 3 of the 4 are set for Person only. 1 is set for any movement. All for cameras generate Events. However, only the on set for All Other Motion generates a notification even when I look right at the camera on the other 3. Thanks for your help. Something appears wrong with the Person notification. Can someone confirm this and/or help me to get this to work? All I really want to receive notifications on is people, not branches moving in the wind.



PS Tried to start a ticket but at the prompt, it was grayed out and I could not go any further.

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Something appears wrong with the Person notification

Hi, @rainman1962. Welcome to the community! What firmware are you running on the cams?

Check All Firmware Version

Open the cam > tap gear icon top right corner > Device Settings > Device Info.

It depends on which firmware you are using on the cams to have Person Detection to work properly.

You can only get Person Detection on the previous firmware. If you have already updated the cams to the new firmware, person detection will not work.

Just to clarify, Wyze is still testing the in-house Person Detection and isn’t available on the public app yet.