Person detection not working unless all motion selected

Anyone else having with cam plus person detection.Only getting notifications when tab for all motion detection is on .No notification when person detection on.

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What type of camera are you having an issue with? Is that camera selected for a camplus license in “Services”?

Cam v2 and a cam plus subscriber

You talking about the motion toggle in the event recording or notification settings pages? PD is calculated in the cloud, so “detects motion” in the event recording page needs to be toggled on for clips to be sent to the cloud.

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I am receiving notifications on phone but am getting them constantly and are always for sun shining thru windows or lightning from storm.I have even gotten notification for dust .Very sensitive which I believe is a good thing.Just need it to send notifications when person detected.

Are these sun through windows and dust being saved and notifying you that persons are being detected or as regular motion? What is toggled in in your “notification” settings page? Screen shots would be a good visual aid to.:slight_smile:

Yes,all are being saved and that is the problem.I would rather have only a person being saved and receiving a notification on that person being detected

All the videos will be saved in the Event area but you can choose to only be notified of a person detected

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YES , same Detection problem. This seemed to happen after I updated firmware. Is there a Video or manual to help me. Thanks DanJ3

I do not get notifications sent to me of persons when the person only toggle is on.I only get notification when all other motion toggle is on resulting in too many notifications being sent

Thank you. That is my problem too.
How do we notify Wyze Tech support ?
PS, Two months to Christmas !!