Notifications being sent for Motion when Disabled

Hello! I have 5 Wyze cameras at my house and they work fantastic with my Android! I talked my boss into trying out one of the cameras on his front porch and configured his to enable Person Detection. His is setup like mine to record events for Motion but is only configured to send Notifications for Person Detection. For some reason, he is getting a push notification for all motion detection instead of just Person Detection. He is using an iPhone and Wyze Cam V2. I have never had this issue with my cameras. Any ideas as to what could be causing this?

once you have the setting you want, give it a few seconds to send it to the servers, then press the back button at the top of the page. sometimes people back out of it too fast and it seems to not save the settings. are they still configured correctly when you go back into settings or do you have to change them again?


I’ll have him try that but yes it is retaining the toggle setting just not being reflected in the actual push notifications. Thanks for the reply

if its retaining the settings but not following the settings, try to reboot the camera. we have had that happen in the past ( person detection) you would set it up for something but it would only take effect after a reboot.