No push notifications

Just recently installed two Wyze V2. New to the whole system but have used the form and videos to ensure proper installation and setup prior to install/purchase. I have checked over and over that push notifications are on with the camera side, app side, iOS side. But have yet to receive notification I am really hoping for this feature. Is anyone having issues? I am up to date on the latest firmware during set up for the camera as of today May 21 2020. My bell is not crossed through as well.

Same problem. Ensured everything is on and not blocked. No slash through alarm bell. If my app is not open, and clicked to the camera, it will not detect motion. I have to have my app open, then the particular camera selected in order to see the motion. No clue how to fix.

I no longer receive notifications… checked all settings, turned all rules off still no notifications communications

I figured it out with mine!! Be sure you have “event recording” - Both the “detects motion”, “detects sound” all turned on under Camera settings.

I tried that with no change. Then, i turned off Person Detection (pilot) on all devices and on test Camera notification. Set Camera notifications to Motion only. Camera not triggering event. Actuated Camera Restart. Event triggered; Push Notification received.

Turned on Camera Person Detection On Services and Camera. Camera not triggering event. Actuated Camera Restart. Event triggered; Push Notification received.

So it will work with pilot Person Detection on 1 camera, but only after Restart. I wonder if you need to Restart all cameras to get this to work?

Update… turned on Person Detection for 2nd Camera… Restarted … Push notification received

Update 2
turned off All Motion on test Camera… Camera not triggering event. Actuated Camera Restart. Event triggered; Push Notification received.

Therefore, at least in my setup, camera Restart needed after every notification mode change.

Good observation!

That may explain a lot - I did much rebooting, and even scheduled daily restarts ( I hope I remembered to mention that in the other thread ) but ~of course~ I would immediately start tinkering with things as soon as I thought the cams were safely rebooted. :crazy_face:

So the new tack will be: make all configuration changes → reboot → don’t touch this ! :expressionless:

With PR turned on, I’ve been getting notifications from all enabled cameras. I also have two sensors set up on doors and they also send push notifications when there’s an event. So…that’s kinda good and working as expected but only when I’m actively using my phone.

I noticed when my android phone has been sitting idle and the “screen timeout” occurs or I press the “lock” button to make the screen go dark and lock the phone, that’s when the push notifications stop. At that point I no longer get any push notifications from Wyze.

I also have a SkyBell installed and monitored via the native Skybell app on the same phone. It continues to successfully push notifications to my phon eeven when the screen timeout has occurred and the phone sits idle for a long time but no such thing from the Wyze. Wyze notifications only arrive after I hit the button on my phone to get to the locked screen…effectively waking the phone up and flood of wyze notifications hits me…

All the notification buttons on the Wyze app are turned on ( each camera and sensor plus the app splash page). All the notification settings in the Android OS are also turned on for Wyze including data saver ( when I’m not in Wifi mode).

This happens whether I have People recognition turned On and other motion turned off, vice versa. Phone is a Galaxy S7 running Android 8.0.0 Samsung Experience version 9.0.0

Now there are no wyze notifications at all. My skybell notifies just fine.