Notifications stopped after person detection update

I’m posting this to maybe help others. I have a Samsung 8, currently updated on all software and the wyze app. After the person detection update, all my notifications for movement stopped when I was getting them before.

I could open the app and see motion and person motion triggered clips, but I was no longer receiving push notifications of them.

I checked and did this and that. Changed my settings, restarted my phone, checked my phone’s security settings, checked my other settings…nothing helped. Today I just went and deleted all the cameras and then I deleted the app. Then I reinstalled the app and then the cameras and now I recieve push notifications for motion and person.

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I also noticed my push notifications stopped working on my phone too… I still received push notifications on my old phone with the old app though. I realized I guess you do have to turn off your camera and back on for it to work like others have suggested. I even had to turn off and on cameras that don’t have person detection like the wyzecam v1s which seemed odd.

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Is this an Android or V1 issue? I haven’t had to do anything on iOS with a host of V2s.

Something similar for me also (Android)

After loading the update and configuring person capture everything was fine but I noticed the alerts stopped during the day and checking later the alert time had been reset to something like 00:00 - 01:00 and the event capture was disabled on all cameras

Odd so I put them back and sure enough the next day the notifications stopped then I noticed the same and so on and so on

Is anyone else getting similar issues after the update?

My issue was on Android… Lost notifications for pan cam, v2s, contact sensors, and v1s. I turned them in and off using the app and that seemed like it fixed it. I didn’t even notice I wasn’t getting notifications at first