Person Detection stopped working today

I have 3 v2 wyze cameras setup and yesterday installed all updates and enabled the person detection mode. It worked great!
Today it appears to not work at all… I have motion detection enabled so I get all the regular motion events and it is set to only notify on person events. The weird thing is that every bird and every car are recording events normally but any person that walks by does not trigger an event of any kind. I walked in front of the camera and waved around but no motion trigger at all… if I were to stage a guess I would assume it’s partially working in the sense it’s detecting a person and trying to send something the cloud but then nothing is coming back, so instead it’s like people are ignored all together. I don’t have any people events I can share for improvement etc.
I went to the playback mode and watched a person walk by and saw the green motion box around him as he did so I knew it detected him, but in my events history there is no recorded event to share.
I’m thinking this is something to do with the backend service.
fyi I’m not on any beta, just the most recent version of the apps and firmware that are public.


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that is quite odd.

you stated you think it might be sending something to the cloud and getting nothing back. all the AI person detecting is actually done on the camera currently. so there shouldn’t be “anything to get back”

I would power cycle the camera and see if that changes it at all. a lot of people stated that after the update and turning everything on for person detection they got nothing, and that issue was mainly solved by a simple power cycle. you said yours already worked, so I don’t know if that would fix whatever the issue is or not.

you aren’t by change using a Wyze motion sensor are you to trigger the camera recording are you?

I had the exact same issues with the Person detection . It does not work and actual people do not trigger an event. I disabled the feature completely for now.

I just tried the Person Detection. It was ON and working, but after restarting the camera, it was OFF and I had to turn it back ON.
I just turned it back ON, closed the Wyze App and the Person Detection was OFF again when I reopened the App.

It needs to stick better than that.

We had a 30 second power outage yesterday and I’m assuming that if I had the Person Detection ON (I only updated this morning.) it would have been OFF after the outage.

Once you turn something ON it should never go OFF without you changing the settings.

I just tried turning off a cam, restarting one, and powering one down, and all 3 were still enabled after I re-ran the app (I’m on iOS, I see you didn’t specify).

I would open a support ticket with Wyze so they are aware of the issue you are experiencing.

I don’t believe the “person only” event restriction is working yet.

Also, to make sure everyone is on the same page here, person detection does not currently occur on a “Smart video alert” (driven by a sensor). Identification is only available on standard camera pixel motion alerts. So no smart video alert clip will identify a person. Has to be a standard motion clip.

The clips where a person was eligible to be identified will be identified by the single label “Motion”, and when you open the clip to play it will have a “Help us improve” share link at the bottom. Those are the ones that should to be accurate.

Anyone who gets one of these standard motion clips with a person that isn’t identified should consider sharing the clip with Wyze to improve the AI. Conversely, anyone who gets something else identified as a person should also consider sharing that clip.

If you are consistently not seeing person identification on standard motion clips on a camera that has people detection and standard pixel motion detection enabled (remember the 5-minute cool down too!), then you should open a support ticket to help Wyze identify the issue.

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Android 9 is the only thing I can change settings on. IOS 13 public beta is not working with the Wyze App as yet.
Not sure what the holdup is.

Did the same on an old Nexus 7.
After closing the App or even looking at Events once the Person Detection was OFF when I switched back to Events.
Trying uninstalling, caches and all that malarkey:

Nope no luck.

There’s also something else going on with the App.

Some Events fail to load on both devices. Just a blurry photo with the Play button, but nothing happens. Claims the video clip is not in the cloud and is still being loaded. Only after 30 minutes since the video was taken. (?)

Oddly enough I only get the error message on my iPhone with the public beta 13.
I can guess at where the buttons are.
It does the same thing when Person Detection is turned ON.
The App cannot be shut down. It has to remain open in the background or the Person Detection will be turned OFF.

Yep, there isn’t much of a Wyze presence here in the user forum, so I’d definitely relay that info in the form of a ticket so they are aware.

Done that 2 hours ago.

You would think someone using IOS 13 public beta and three Android devices might know something about sending in a ticket.

Sorry if I offended you.

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using that IOS Beta might be causing some of the issues ( i cant be certain) there are many threads on here about the app not working with the IOS Beta.

and more than likely IF IT IS the Beta causing the issues, it wont be fixed until it becomes a public production os…so sense in trying to write an app to work with something that is in a constant fluid state of development from apple. once of the prices of being a tester

The issue I’m having is not about the excessive motion detection of noise, the issue is that people are not creating events or motion events. I can stand in front of the camera, I can dance, I can do a jig, I can wave my hands about and wave them in the air like I just don’t care, but no events are recorded. If a car drives by, an event is recorded. If a bird flies by, an event is recorded. If a person walks by, no event is recorded.
As suggested by another user on this thread, I have attempted power cycling all three cameras. No change. Person detection is still showing enabled on all cameras at this time.

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Maybe I wasn’t clear, but I’m aware of the issues with IOS 13 public beta. Mainly the buttons aren’t appearing.

The other issues I mentioned are happening on current stable Android 9 OS and even the older Android 6.0.1.

I would imagine Wyze developers are or should be working on the App for IOS 13 right now. That’s what developing an App is all about.
The Wyze App should have been fixed and functioning for “stable” operating systems months ago.

Unless the problems they are having with it running properly on Android Pie 9 and IOS 12 are so numerous that they haven’t had the opportunity to work on betas.

I think someone needs to hire more software engineers.

No problem.
I’m just getting cranky in my old age and sometimes I feel like my comments have not been read carefully.

I’m not here much looking for answers, but instead letting people know that they are not alone in their struggles.

The Wyze App is buggy and as I’ve said needs some serious attention.
IOS 13 and Android Q public stable are coming this autumn and Wyze needs to pick up the pace.

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I was just trying to encourage you to submit a ticket for your legitimate issues.

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Person detection whacked out today, worked fine yesterday, It is tagging Cats As people every time ( cams shared with me )and there is nothing at the bottom to share the results On any clips.
If I go back to 1 AM Tap on a clip The whole app just Closes, crashes, this is not the first time that has happened.
Oops , I didn’t mean to reply to you @Newshound

Maybe the crazy cat people are tagging their cats as people when submitting videos to Wyze/Xnor. But, I digress…

Wait…you don’t see a share button at the bottom of the events anymore?!


I think I was tapping on the Cameras That don’t have person detection Enabled before , those cameras Don’t have Share Button at the bottom , I assume they are not supposed to , is that correct ?.

I was just checking And all of the cameras that have person detection enabled do have the share button at the bottom.

I don’t know How It all works With cameras that are shared with Me , Those Don’t have Share button at the bottom either And those are the ones Tagging cats as people

  • I don’t know if you should have the ability to share videos for AI improvement on cameras shared with you. I hazard a guess of probably not.
  • You should NOT see a share button in device settings for camera that were shared with you.