Person detection does not work

It worked once. But now that I’m paying for it, it seems to trigger on everything.


Hey @Hengy

How have you positioned your camera? Sometimes, if you position the camera at an odd angle, or there are person-like objects around, it may result in false triggers. Could you send a snapshot of what your camera sees?

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I have the same problem.
1 of my cameras keeps triggering false positives for Person Detected.
Anything and everything is triggering a Person Detected notification.
And I mean everything.
Whether during the day or at night.
It’s in my garage. An enclosed area.
Light leaks in pretty well during the day.
Pitch black at night.

And I just bought 3 more cameras to complete coverage. 6 cameras total.
I’m anxious about having to deal with more of this.

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I am now having this same issue. On both my V2 cams, every car that drives by is getting flagged as a person event. I just upgraded to yesterday, but reverting back did not help.

I have restarted and even reverted firmware, and nothing has helped.

I’m having a similar issue the last few days. 90+% of my events are tagged as “person”, leaves, shadows(not people’s shadows), cars, trucks… Just a constant stream of person alerts.

I’ve been submitting some of them, not sure if I should I submit them all. It’s gotten to the point that I’ve disabled notifications, they’re all but useless at this point. What would be nice is if the section of video that wyze determined was a person was highlighted in some way, then at least it might make sense (maybe?)

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I’m glad to know I’m not the only person having this problem. I have person detection set up and it’s flagging most car motions. I feel like it worked better during the trial. Guess I’ll start submitting the videos but the notifications have become a bit much.

My person detection keeps alerting me when my 16lb dog jumps up on the chair.

Yep i have had to turn my notifications off for me back door camera as every time it detects a possum on my deck it says “person detection”.