Detection keeps saying person when just vehicle

Maybe after recent updates, I keep getting person detection alerts with every vehicle that goes by. Anyone else?

Welcome to the forums! Did you submit the video(s) to help train the AI? The processing is done in the cloud for the tagging. I don’t know if any processing changes were done to the video on the client side with the latest update but it’s possible.


Yes several times if you mean where it comes up on the bottom to submit to them and I change it from person to vehicle

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I am having shut off several of my most used cameras because of all of the person notifications when a car or truck goes by my house so most of my camera system is kind of useless. It would be great if you could select Car, package, person or which ever things you want to be notified. Getting a “person detected on your front porch” notification at 3:00 am and you are fast asleep just doesn’t work when it is only a car going by.

They did another update a week or so ago and my cameras are back to not working properly again. Not picking up what it should so many things are out of wack again . It’s Very frustrating

I‘ve been having the “Person but really a Vehicle” detection issue too. I cannot pinpoint when it started besides saying recently.

Make sure your submitting the videos and indicating what it is incorrectly tagging the video as to help future versions of the AI. Thanks in advance!

I had the problem for a few weeks and it suddenly disappeared. It is working great now. I very rarely get any false ID’s

My outside v3 is just tagging every motion event as a “pet” today.

Haven’t changed anything in my settings.

As for submitting false AI detections, Wyze should be paying me a monthly fee by now.