Person detection going off everytime a vehicle passes

I know this has been a topic for a while but is there any update on why everytime a car passes by, my camera says its a person. It is driving me NUTS! Seems to happen more a certain time of the year or day, depending on where the sun is located. I’m to the point of wanting to turn off person detection for this camera but that’s what I’m pay for. I don’t understand why Wyze hasn’t fixed this issue yet.

Do you have something in your image that COULD at least sort of look like a person?

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Nope. Vehicles…no matter how large or small.

Post a screenshot of the FOV. It is most likely that the vehicle is providing the motion trigger for the upload Event, but another stationary object is actually being tagged as the person. Perhaps a tree, a sign, a mailbox, etc.

The AI Engine doesn’t restrict tagging to just moving objects or just the object that caused the Motion Activation upload. Everything within the FOV and included DZ is fair game to be tagged, moving or not.

What AI Smart Detection triggers do you have turned on in Event Recording?

It is very frustrating! The only notification I have turned on is person. Here’s the screen shot.

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I have marked 5 possible objects that are possibly being tagged by the AI Engine as a Person.

I had the exact same issue in the past. Thru trial and error, I found that it was my mailbox that has a bush in front of it that was being mistaken as a person.

Start with one object at a time (I am voting for the close fountain at the bottom that looks like a body with a head on it at a distance). Start with the smaller ones first. Use the Detection Zone to block out these objects one at a time. Leave that object blocked for a couple days and monitor to see if Person Detections stop. If they don’t, remove the DZ block and go to the next item. Once the Person Detections stop, you will have identified the phantom person.

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Thank you for your help. I will try the detection zone and see what happens.

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If you clicked Vehicle in your detection settings, you’ll keep getting alerts. Un click it and it will still record but not notify,

You missed the point. He only has person detection enabled. The vehicle will trigger the motion upload (correctly), and then the AI looks for a person. As SlabSlayer pointed out, there are several things that COULD be detected as a person by the AI.

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Vehicle detection isn’t selected. Just person

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I’d suspect the mailbox or fountain too. :+1:

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Thank you for giving me my sanity back! That definitely worked!

I wanted to do the same thing with one of my parents cameras however, they don’t have the individual boxes, they have one large box. Same camera as mine and it’s updated on its firmware. The one large box won’t get the areas I need. Is there a way to get the individual boxes?

So glad you were able to find a solution!

That is actually a bug that Wyze is currently working on fixing. Cams should have the grid detection zone. It is being reported and updated in the Fix it Friday Topic:

Great, thank you.

As always, thanks for all of your help!

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