Person vs event and where did vehicle detection go?

I’ve always had motion detection enabled as well as person/vehicle detection and now just person since it’s public release.

Viewing my events, I rarely see people events and 99% motion events such as leaves moving and the shadow from our flag. This makes person detection basically pointless since the cool down period between recordings most likely always misses the opportunity for person recording.

If a cloud event could be separated from a motion detection on our memory cards, this would provide more control with potentially better data in the event page.

As of now, I’ve disabled motion detection, set continuous recording to the memory card and hope to see only people detection in the events tab. If I need to review a longer clip, I know what time to pinpoint in playback. Will have to see if this theory works.
Edit: based on the first 2 replies, as they pointed out motion detection is in fact a prerequisite, so an unsuccessful experiment.

All I really care about is person and vehicle detection for obvious reasons. Why was vehicle detection removed from the beta and did not make it to the public release? It was really useful!

It’s an overwhelming uphill battle to efficiently find events in continuous recording. Motion detection and recording on event helps only a small percentage unless we live in a wind and shadow free environment, because the tools are not available to precisely choose which parts of the FOV are monitored and instead we can only crop.

I should have prefaced that I’m using this camera on my porch viewing the front yard and driveway. Maybe I’m answering my own inquiry here in that the camera is designed for indoor which does not have the inherent challenges of an outdoor camera.

Thoughts, suggestion, or even new features or products to come to be able to continue managing all of our cams from the same app rather than purchasing a dedicated outdoor can from another brand.


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Person Detection relies on the camera having Motion Detection turned on,

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Thank you both for that info. Reverting my settings. Back to square 1 with person tagging being overrun with useless motion events. This conclusion really needs a solution to have better control of motion detection then… I really hope there becomes some improvements here.

First of all do you have the correct Firmware and App versions?
I’m running for V2 on Android:
App 3.05
/edit app 2,4,93
Account–>Notifications–>Send notifications–>

Then when you go to view events you need to tap on the “Person” label above the “thumbnails”.
That should turn black.
This subsets the motion events for those that the software determined there were “Person” in the scene.

How did you get to app version 3.05? I’m showing up to date as the 2.4.93 beta?

I do not have vehicle detection as an option.

with app2.9.43
Account–>Notifications–>Send notifications–>
no vehicle notification

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I believe that I am seeing the same issue. I am on Firmware, app version 2.4.82, and I only have the option for Person Detection.

When I first installed the latest firmware everything appeared to work correctly. Over the last few days I found that cars/vehicles were being detected as Person. I have flagged them, but it doesn’t seem to change anything.

Is there a way to turn off Vehicle detection, or a way to tag them as vehicles, rather then Person?

Vehicle detection was looked at but has not been implemented that is why there is no option

Is the AI just incorrectly identifying cars as people? I would say almost 90% of my People notifications are cars, not people. I have even considered turning it off since it is working so poorly.

I have been trying to do the “I didn’t see a person” report, but have no idea how it works, or if it helps at all.

I believe it is, tagging them does help but I do not know if it takes an update to implement its better learning or if it learns on the fly.

From what I’ve read , it does not learn on the fly but would involve a future firmware upgrade.
Just a thought here- wondering if maybe vehicles are detected as people maybe due to the fact that in the previous beta they had introduced both vehicle and person detection, maybe there was an amount of bad data reported .

I was thinking the same thing. It has been pretty consistent, and picks out cars every time. The only other thing I can think of is that the code is in there to identify an object, and both are there for People and Vehicles, and although the option is not there, they left in the code for how to identify a person from other stuff (including a vehicle).

If it is just waiting for another firmware update, please push one soon. I get 10-20 warnings a day for cars driving by, and I really just want to know if a person is coming up by the house.

My guess was that they put a hold on the vehicle detection because say someone had the cam pointed at the driveway where the car was parked, any video would pick up a car because there is a car there. My understanding was that it does not look at the whole video but a frame of the video and tags what it sees. Of course I could be completely wrong.

This is just my thoughts, but I have labeled everything that moves with “I see a person.” Any movement such as trucks, cars, bikes, people, animals, headlight reflections; I have labeled them all as “I see a Person.” If you tag any of the things I mentioned above as “I didn’t see a Person,” I fear that the cameras may not pick up movement. I want to see everything that moves in my little secured area.

The camera will always pick up any motion, when the camera detects motion then it looks at an image of the motion to see if there is a person, if there is it gets tagged as ‘Person Detected’, if no peron is seen it gets tagged as ‘Motion Detected’, tagging everything you see as ‘I see a Person’ defeats the whole process of it trying to learn.


I second that .
That’s not a good thing to do at all , @FrankW I don’t understand why you would do that :confused:


Yeah, please don’t do that. The person detection is run on a video that has already been generated by motion detection. It’s just a tag on an existing video instead of preventing videos from being created.


@HDRock, this is not a situation that you should be confused. I said clearly “My Thoughts!” Then I explained why I selected those settings. So, I can’t see why you stated "I don’t understand why you would do that :confused: " I clearly said why, because I wanted to see everything that moved because I’m in an area that requires no movement. I had a few incidents where the camera didn’t pick up any action at all, and the sensitivity was set on 10. So that’s why I did that. Different strokes for different folks, not all settings should be the same for different needs.

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@FrankW you can see everything that moves by turning motion detection on and turning sensitivity to 100. You do not need to destroy the ability of the AI to detect a person to see everything that moves.

As @wyzegwendolyn said, motion has to already have been detected for person detection to run, so doing anything to the secondary function of person detection will not improve motion detection at all.

It only destroys the ability of the AI to identify a person correctly.