Motion detection filter for people (person detection)

I am interested in motion detection alerts for people on my camera. Often at night I receive false notifications because the motion detection is picking up bugs flying. Would be really nice to have a setting that only detects motion from people. This could also help with people with pets as well.

Thanks for your consideration!

Sounds good. There’s also this thread here that might help with according false notifications for bugs.


Yes! Facial or Human recognition would be the #1 improvement for me! I get a lot of cars and insects.


I think it would be great if we could set parameters in motion detection/tagging where we could have the camera ignore all objects of a certain size, like say anything 30 pixels or less. I would have less alerts from these f@#$ squirrels and small birds in my yards then! lol :wink:


Is there a way to set the motion detection to detect people only? Right now it detects sunlight if it comes out from behind a cloud.

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Please search/look through the #beta section of the forum. You will find a lot of info on this there.

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Person Detection has been added in the latest version.

Now that person detection is implemented. Facial recognition could be next? In that, the camera could recognize a face and expose for only that area. I’ve caught thieves on my wyze cam but their faces were still unrecognizable.

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I believe that this is a hardware limitation due to the camera quality. The only way to get facial recognition would most likely be a better image sensor. Hopefully the outdoor cam will have a much better image sensor to make facial recognition actually work.

I think that is a great idea! Another possibility would be adding an option of “Person Detection” under Event Recordings, to insure that the camera ONLY records Events that include “Persons Detected”, as opposed to any type of motion which now includes leaves and/or shadows moving, lights turning on and off, etc. In my case, I usually get 1 or 2 “Person” events, and I end up having to delete between 20-30 “Motion” events from the different cameras.

I think this is a case that the normal motion detection is implemented in camera, but then the clip is sent through to to analyze for people and then it is flagged. So you basically always have to record with normal motion first before Person detection can work.

Then again, I supposed they could just wipe the non-person clips afterwards.

Welcome to the community, @ebendl. The person detection processing is done directly on the camera hardware. :slight_smile:

Thanks! :blush:

Really? OK that’s pretty great!

I probably should have included this link the first time.

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WYZE FACE Recognition:
Your ticket (338598) has been updated:

Where are you with the above feature?

We are a non- profit thrift store and have folks coming in all the time and really would like to be alarmed if certain people come into the store. Possible know shoplifters. Thanks to WYZE videos.

We have a perfect face picture ( We can almost find dental records from the picture :- ) ) of selected persons as reference, so it’s just a matter of matching incoming with those reference face pictures.

I also see mention of picture qualities in this feed. Its all about lighting and optics, even IR cameras have a problem recognizing car tags due to reflections. from plates.

This, I believe, is going to be hard to do (specific facial recognition). As more cities and states make facial recognition illegal I doubt companies that sell everywhere will implement something like this. Just my guess though, I do not work for them or have any special info.

@WyzeJasonJ Thanks for feedback.
It is just automating the current manual process of a person viewing 24 hours of video manually, which to my knowledge is not illegal. Especially if you have clearly visible notices all over, that the premises are under 24 hour video surveillance…
Alternative is WYZE adding 2x, 4x, 8x, etc. fast forward and fast reverse playback feature, so we can do the manual process faster.

I am definitely far from a lawyer and my understanding is manually doing it is fine but if you have a processor do it its illegal, but again not a lawyer and have not read the actual laws since they have not affected where I am yet.

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Judging by the heat they’re getting on their own Facebook page… They’re going to regret that move. :rofl: #sorrynotsorry

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