Motion Algorithm to Ignore Blowing Leaves/Shadows/Bugs/Snow/Rain/Headlights/Flags

There are many motion events that are simply tree branch blowing in the wind (both the leaves and their shadows). I imagine it would be possible to have the motion detection algorithm distinguish between a true person/animal motion (one box moving through the frame) and leaves/shadows (many small boxes that are scattered & inconsistent from frame to frame).


[Mod Edit: Person detection was launched on 7/9/19. Animal detection is being considered for the future.]

[Mod Edit: This post is moved back to the Wishlist due to concerns that person detection doesn’t satisfy the request.]

We are currently exploring ways to improve detection. Would love to see more people vote for this so we can give higher priority.


Added my vote! Hope this can be prioritized. I have a few Wyzecams outside and this is the main thing that gives me false alerts during daytime. Also this type of algorithm may help at night in times of fog or if an insect is just flying around.

(I can’t complain though as I know this is intended for indoor use)


And aliens (fast moving bugs) and cobwebs.


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These cams DON’T do “motion detection” at all. They are doing pixel changes.
Even if they were to process the data to actually get vector based motion detection, the CPU is too anemic to do anything.

So, just not possible with the current pixel differentiation method being used which is done in hardware.
However, they could send the data to a AWS compute instance, and process the clip there, but, that would mean more $$$, which would mean either the prices go up, or they need some kind of a subscription service.

I have to disable alerts at night because I live on the corner and any car that turns, streams their headlights across our house. The Wyze Cam detects motion from that.

Perhaps one way would be to set finer control on the sensitivity? I’ve always used the lowest setting and it doesn’t help. Or perhaps a way to say that motion has to happen for at least X seconds to be flagged? Light flashing across our yard takes <2 seconds. Someone walking up the path takes 5+ seconds of movement.


This would be a great improvement. I often get alerts from blowing leaves and random birds.

Hey Everyone! We all love our Wyze Cams but if you are like me you have a nagging problem with bugs, or any other small objects, grass, trees, etc. moving and setting off your motion alert even at the lowest detection setting.
I have worked with many other brands of cameras from $100-$900 per camera with varying features and quality. Some have had much better detection algorithms that look for movement that resembles something organic movement like a person or animal, rather than just any movement.

I would like to request Wyze to improve their detection algorithm (especially with the new (official) outdoor cam coming) so that a small bug flying by, or a tree blowing in the wind would not set off the motion detection and trigger an alert. I know that some objects moving cannot be avoided, but I think there is room for improvement in the current algorithm.
Thanks everyone!

Yes, nest does win in this category but my gawd are they expensive. O’Lurdy, my checkbook…

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I would like this as well! Also, some facial recognition would be a nice addition!

After reading another post, this could be an expensive addition for the Wyze team due to cloud computing instance costs. So, I understand if it doesn’t come out for a while. Just would be nice to know if it’s a “possible” or a “no”, if you know what I mean.

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This would be nice, but it’d even help to be able to define non-rectangular detection zones (free-hand or union of multiple rectangles). That way I could exclude the bush or street from my zone but include what I care about.


@DavidInLosAngeles In case you haven’t seen it, please hop over to the topic linked below and VOTE for it using the button at the top of the page:

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Done, thanks RickO!

Don’t know if it’s a bug or a feature :wink: but I like that WYZE cams detect when my motion activated lights come on at night time!

Don’t change that!

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Am I able to down-vote this request? Why is someone using an indoor camera for outdoors? Wait until WyzeCam creates an outdoor version, then you can complain about leaves! The type of algorithm required by this request would be very costly and time consuming to implement to a functional level and I venture to guess that the person requesting would not want to pay a higher price for that.

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Yes, and no @richarddoe. Several people put cams behind glass (with IR LEDs off to avoid glare) to monitor outside areas. I’m one of them. :slight_smile:


It’s not just leaves. It’s also shadows, etc created by changing light conditions inside such as sun passing behind a cloud or car headlights shining in through a window.


I want to set the motion detection region to be more than either just the entire screen or one box.

I want to set the motion detection region to not detect in an area, and detect everywhere else. This way I can select the stupid branch that gets blown by the wind and put it in the ignore region.


@Loki It’s not just leaves. It’s also shadows, etc created by changing light conditions inside such as sun passing behind a cloud or car headlights shining in through a window.

I see that once in awhile but not enough to be a bother. I also get a notification if an outdoor facing camera detects an insect flying in front if it. Hey, it’s working, it’s motion! :wink:

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