Please allow users to ignore/filter out tree waiving

Please add a feature to allow users to ignore tree waiving; both the tree or bush itself as well as the shadows they project. I’m getting hundreds of unnecessary motion detections daily and have no way to filter them out. Then they unnecessarily capture other unnecessary items in the same frame such as a parked car or item they interpret incorrectly as a package.

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Welcome back to the forum @markgk

There a few wishlist items out there that match your request, take a look and give them a vote of support.


CamPlus at least filters the notifications, don’t get waving trees and leaves alerts. Although they do record…


Thank you. I voted and hope that helps prioritize the issue. Do you have a link that might explain how to use the forum, its symbols and other tricks. Eg, what does the heart mean and do. Thanks.

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Here are a couple of helpful links

Using Discobot will give you the tutorial(s) you need to familiarize yourself with the Forum Capabilities

Hope to see you around!