Wyzecam with motion sensor - question on person detection

I have a wyzecam v2 that will record an event based on a motion sensor. They work well together except the person detection doesn’t seem to work.
Do we know if the person detection in the beta is not yet enabled for smart video alerts?

I believe it is still in Beta. I’m a tester and Use a camera with a motion sensor, and I do have the person alerts. I’m not sure where it stands on going into the production firmware.

Same here, am a beta tester as well.
I think the new update has changed the person alert for me on the camera with motion sensor.

Person detection is not a function of the motion sensor. That is a new camera detection feature. They are separate from each other.


Figured this out. Notifications need to be enabled for person detection to work. Thanks!


Yes, for now at least person detection is only on PIXEL motion clips, not motion sensor clips.

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