New person detection problems

So is any body having any problems with the new person detection feature, if so what are they and on what camera? I am trying to figure out a problem I am having with my pan cam. It seems that if I have just person detection on and absolutely nothing else on I don’t get any notifications.
But if I leave that on and then turn on motion detection, I get notifications saying a person was detected. I open it and there is no one in the video. I am wondering if it is just picking up motion and thinking it is a person. Reason I say that is,I get a ton of video with nothing in them just my deck and the flags waving in the wind.

Standard camera motion detection is required to trigger a person alert. So that has to be on. If it doesn’t correctly identify a person, then consider sharing the clip with Wyze to improve their AI.

Another note: Person detection does not work on any sensor-generated “smart” clips. Has to be a standard pixel motion clip.

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