Person detection with Shadows

Person detection does not work all that well with me. Seems the Cam detects a person 35% of the time with minimal false positives but marks people as motion. As we know, if someone drives up in a car into our detection zone and gets out of the car, the event is categorized as motion detection event because the system detects the car before the person.

I am wondering if most of my walk-up non-person detections are categorized as motion because the shadow precedes the person. Maybe Al Gore needs a new rythym? Maybe what we need is shadow elimination? Just a thought. This refers to the current production firmware as of 11/13/19.


It might be helpful if you posted actual videos from your camera that aren’t successfully tagged as people so we/they can see the kinds of events it’s missing. Obviously you should submit them through the app too.


Good point. I did just want to get my viewpoint across in a simple manner. I have been uploading the normal route through the app. This idea just came to me earlier in the day about the shadow arriving before the person. I have always had problems with shadows causing alerts. I just realized the shadows may be negating my person alerts.

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If they’re casting really hard shadows like that and the person is also in silhouette, I can see how that might obscure the person shape from the AI’s perspective. Just curious to see what the actual failed videos look like.

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