Car detection?

I really like the Person Detection mode but I no longer get notified about cars or trucks entering my detection zone. Can we have vehicle detection next? :grinning: :oncoming_automobile:

When a car arrives it gets flagged as motion. :oncoming_automobile:Luckily when the person gets out of the car they step into a second zone and I get a Person Detected alert.:man_running:

I am so glad I no longer get notified about cats, squirls, ducks and dancing palms.:cat2::chipmunk::hatched_chick::palm_tree:


it was in Beta with the original smart detection was there. I think they are working on getting person detection out and working accurately first. then I could see them doing vehicle detection. just a waiting game.

do a search on the top right for vehicle detection if you would like to learn about it. there were a few topics about it.


I agree. Vehicle detection would be a great security feature.