Cam V3, Events, Person Detection

RE: Events
I have the Cam V3 and Cam Plus free trial. Vehicle and person detection are enabled. But all events are only ever are tagged as vehicle.

The filter at the top of the event menu only lets me filter ‘person’ or ‘motion’, vehicle is not an option. But selecting ‘person’ shows all videos tagged with ‘vehicle’,

Even if I disable vehicle detection, it only ever tags as a ‘motion’ detection, never once has it ever tagged a ‘person’. It doesn’t detect people at all, only once they get into a car and the car moves it detects the car’s motion. I’ve played around with the sensitivity but it happens no matter what.

I have tried some steps I’ve found: disable cam plus, delete camera, re-add camera, re-enable cam plus, etc… reset camera … no luck. It’s the same story every time.

Is this just broken or am I missing something?