What happened to Cam Plus?

I have 5 Wyze cams and 3 (a v2, a V3 and a WCO) are on Cam Plus subscriptions. The other 2, both V2, are on Person Detection pilot. Lately, I am getting no detections on the V2 even though there are dozens of recordings triggered by motion of both people and vehicles. They have no tags, only labeled as motion. I’ve probably tagged and uploaded more than 100 videos in the past couple weeks but nothing has changed.

The V3, had the opposite problem. It was incorrectly tagging all vehicles as persons. I finally moved the V3 into the garage where it seems to be more happy without the road traffic. It is properly tagging the people passing through the garage and the occasional vehicle.

The WCO also seems to not be tagging the detections in the recorded videos.

All cams and the iOS app are on beta, so I’m not sure if this is a problem with the App or with Cam Plus. It almost seems like it might be the App not properly labeling the activities.

I have submitted reports through the app and though the Test Flight page but have gotten no feedback.

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Same here. Tagged people yesterday (pre updates?) But not todAy. Also no vehicle recognition. And where is that supposed to show up anyway?

My issue is I am seeing the tags but not being notified on my V2. V3 seems to provide more notifications. However, if I look in the events, items correctly tagged as person are there but I receive no notification.

My list of Events for my V2 looks like this. Only shows motion with no AI tags even though there are vehicles and/or persons that caused the motion.

That is interesting. I have had discussions where individuals are experiencing different things even though it appears the apps and firmware versions are the same. Here is my V2, I only Check for person in CamPlus and notify for the Person AI. It recognizes a person, tags it correctly, but no notification.

My cam plus has been working with no issue, identifying persons, vehicles, and notifying of said events.

Are yours V2 or V3. My V3 works or atleast is more consistent with notifications and detection. My V2 is the one with issues.

One other question - since you were on the beta as well. Do you have Facial Recognition and Pet detection in CamPlus? I don’t but some do. I am trying to find out why.

WCO, and Cam Pan.

I don’t have those options yet… you must have gotten early early access :grin:

Ironic that your V3 can’t get CamPlus but only the people with CamPlus can get a V3…

Got you. I don’t have those options either. Others in the forum have the extra AI options labeled as Pilot. I am trying to find out how I or us can be part of the additional AI features.

Lol, sorry I misread. I had seen they were coming, pet rec I am not so interested in but the facial recognition will be interesting. Hope it works with the doorbell and lock, maybe. I at least wanna test unlocking, but not 100% sure how I feel about it.

Or that I couldn’t use my free v3 gift code received for pre-ordering the WRV.

Wyze started out as a company with a great product at a fair price. BOY HAS THAT CHANGED!
First they reneged on their promise that person detection would remain free for early adapters (still jerking me around about not selecting free option on my business account even know I had their cameras BEFORE the cut off date). Then not allowing free person detection on the V3 cameras UNLESS YOU PAY THEIR EXTORTION for the Cam Plus. The final rub is that now you are FORCED to pay a year of Cam plus if you want to buy the Cam V3. Yep just another greedy company, so sad…

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I have the new camera in my driveway v3 .I have vehicle detection enabled. I have moved the sensitivity now to 100%. Not one time has the camera picked up the vehicles coming in and out of the driveway since the update. I have the latest app.

I’ve got issues as well and have found 3 different threads re: person detection as well as Alexa announcements. Hopefully these “glitches” will get resolved. Glad I don’t rely on this for security purposes. (had hoped to tho)

Don’t know if it is coincidence but I disabled face, pet and package detection on the V2 and I started to get a few vehicle and person detections. Still only around 10-20% being detected but better than zero that I was getting. Since there were no FW or app updates I assume there are some backend changes going on.

I wanted a v3. But if you are going to only offer them to Cam Plus members. Maybe it is time to get rid of my other 7 wyze cameras. Which includes 1 outdoor with the battery. Love them. But I am disappointed in the diversification of products, seems the cameras are becoming 2nd fiddle. And making me feel 2nd class because of your Cam Plus. I’ve been with you a long time, dumped Arlo for you. I guess those of us that have helped to make you this big are of no use now.

Good luck.

I was having the same issue with my V2, Pan, and WCO. After restarting all cameras and removing cam plus and re adding it the V2’s and Pan started working with all detections again. BUT the 4 WCO cams are only showing motion and not tagging any detections. Please get this fixed ASAP as turning on all motion is just annoying this is the reason I pay for cam plus.

I purchased 3 V3 cams AND 3 Cam Plus subscriptions on the special offered a month or so ago. V3s were out of stock, but I paid in full to retain the V3/Cam Plus discount…I can live with that. Never got a code. After some exhausting inquiries I finally got a code and saved it for the day when the V3s were back in stock. Apparently that day has come per your post…I follow the link and go to order the 3 V3s only to discover that I’m hogtied in buying ANOTHER V3 in order to get the 3 I had already paid for. Now, I’m happy with the V3 which I had already purchased and RECEIVED when they originally went on pre-sale. Great cam, much improved over the V1 and V2 which I also have. It’s the tactics of forcing your customers who have loyally supported your products to buy something they may not need before Wyze will honor and deliver a previously purchased item. I purchased the extra V3 and Cam Plus subscription just to be over and done with this. Now I’ve got more Wyze cams and Cam Plus subscription than I need. BTW Cam Plus is not reliable and doesn’t pick up a third of the motion that is very obvious. In my opinion Cam Plus is a big FAIL for Wyze especially with the Outdoor Cam.

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I’m having same problems too with both my v2 cameras. I am not receiving any notifications for the past couple of days.
Also, only motion is tagged even when people walk in front of the camera. Hope the problem will be solved soon.