Vehicle package and pet detection

I have Cam+ on my V3 camera. Isn’t it supposed to have vehicle, package and
Pet detection? I thought I had had them at one time, but no longer see them.
In Events, I see Person, Motion and Camera, but no filter for vehicle, package
Or pet. I have them all turned on in settings and have the latest app and firmware versions.

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I just pulled our log from today and our v2,v3,wireless cameras are working just fine.

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Ihave experienced this in the past, the following link has worked for me and others. Basically the GUI will show items as being selected, but the system thinks it is not. The following link provides a little more information and what I did to get it working.

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NOTE: I am not a Wyze Employee, just a community member who tries to help when I can.

Curious, can you provide us with The Device and App version you are using? Can you also include your Firmware version of the affected Camera. If you submitted a log, include that.

With that said, are you getting any notifications or event? I was working with Wyze on an issue where I did not get notifications, but did see them in the Events Tab. They indicated that this may be because it saw motion without individuals for a period of time and then when the individual appeared, the notification process was complete. They were fixing double notification issue. I do know they are working on the process and will be providing enhancements in the future to this effort.

Here are the Filters I see when I try to filter Events, do you not see these or some of these?

In addition, here are my settings:

  • Make sure Detects Motion is on, I know you probably did.

Here is a couple of things I would try, if you can:

  1. turn on “All Motion Events” to ensure something is captured, recorded and you are notified

  2. Bring the Camera inside to do a controlled test. By doing this, you will potentially eliminate the issue where the camera see’s motion before it detects an AI option you selected.

Also, Check your Sensitivity Settings. This is what I have set:

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Thanks. Let me check mine. Give me a bit, just got done shoveling snow. :slight_smile:

Hi, I don’t see any of the filter options, except for Person + Motion…

Spamoni4, can u please let me know if ur on IOS or android?

I use android and all is good it’s useing android 11