Cam + not detecting pets?

i just subscribed to cam + and have 8 cameras on it (v3s v3 pros pan cam). I think I did the settings right but somehow I dont seem to get pet notification or pet events recorded. only person.

Am I doing a setting wrong? I have pets checked on both notifications and event recording AI.

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It is possible it is not detecting pets. There are some issues with Cam Plus ATM, and Wyze is trying to sort thru them.

The best thread to monitor status on (there are several issues) is probably this one:


interesting. its not the push notifications its also in the events recording in app not a single pet event.only person (and one package)

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Like I say, there are several issues ATM.

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I am still getting Pet detection tagging and Notification on two v3 cameras with firmware ending in .139. I am still on an older IOS App version 2.38.2 (1).

You might try power cycling the cameras, clear the App Cache and reboot to App device to see if that helps.

I’ve had this issue since I signed up for the CAM Plus Services. about 6+ Months ago. I believe there is a Neighbor’s Dog that is pooping in my front yard and is the Reason why I paid for CamPlus. I have Called/emailed and filed a WYZE Complaint but I get no where - Good luck on your end! I’m giving it a year - if not detecting at renewal date- I’m Leaving Wyze!

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