Current Beta App AI detections and/or notifications broken!

Okay, no way to know if it’s related to either of these events, but I did a Wyze app update on 13 June and lamp socket firmware updates (x6) a day later. Then, after checking for Pet and Person events the following morning, I noticed that Person detection is still working as it was before, but Pet detection now appears to be completely broken.

Before, if I filtered the events list for pets (only), if there were no pets (animals) detected overnight, the list would show no videos. Now, when I select the pet filter, a bunch of random videos with no pets in them appear. Also, all videos with persons detected appear under this filter.

Upon further troubleshooting, it turns out that every AI category I select under the event list filters is detected as a person.

I force-stopped the app and cleared the cache (multiple times). It’s still not working properly. I also unassigned all cameras from Cam Plus. Then I signed out of the app completely. Then I force-stopped the app again and cleared the cache. Then I cleared the app data. Then I signed back in. Then I reassigned all the cameras to Cam Plus. No change.

The only other thing my cameras have in common is that I am using the beta app to view them.

Also strange, I no longer see any options for reporting feedback on what I see in my videos. Instead, below the video, there is only a non-functioning button (grayed out) that says something like “Review Wyze AI detections.” There used to be selections for what I actually saw in the video to report (like trees waving, shadows, insects, etc.). Check out the screenshots below. All 15 of my cameras (in two separate homes) now show this. I have V3 cams, OG cams, and outdoor cams (WCO).

I understand that those of us using the beta can expect glitches. So I’m not posting this as a complaint, but as feedback to (hopefully) find out if others are experiencing the same issue and bring developer attention to maybe getting it fixed.

As of now, the critters in my back yard are being detected as persons and the notifications are waking me up at all hours. :roll_eyes:

I submitted a log (#1078926).

Interesting, I just checked and I’m not seeing any of those issues on the latest IOS beta app.

The issue with ai tags not showing up in the report feedback popup is known, hopefully will be fixed soon.

The issue with the filters not working is very strange. I will see if some of the other mavens that use android are experiencing this.

@carverofchoice @SlabSlayer

Also, could you provide an actual app version.


@WyzeJasonJ I confirm everything @jh006 reported for the Android Beta App v2.43.0.b301

AI is not working for anything besides person detections. It is not labeling any videos as pet or vehicle, And when I tried to filter for pets or vehicles it shows me a bunch of random videos some labeled as motion some labeled as person detection or whatever else even though they don’t have pet or vehicle in them.

Log 1080787


When you go to Events, Filter for Pets, you get a filter but not sure what it filtered on.

Here is a picture, at the top you see I filter for Pet and look at the results.

Android App: 2.43.0 (b301)
Log submitted: 1080836



Yep, that is my experience exactly. Something is being filtered. Just don’t know what. :+1:t3:


Thanks for confirming everyone, glad we could get this issue isolated to android and confirmed.

Yeah, that doesn’t work for me. Already had all the settings right, still no pet detection.

Same with me, I reported to Wyze and provided 22 events to look into. Will see what they can figure out.

The most recent beta app update appears to have fixed the AI detections issue! :+1:t3::sunny:


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