AI events stopped working

It seems that there was an update to the AI detection that may have broken it. Thankfully this did fix my issue of constant, incorrect vehicle notifications, but now I’m not getting notified for people, so I had to turn on notifications for all motion, not just AI events, which is now giving me a bunch of false positives again. Has anybody else had this issue, and is there any sort of solution or do I just need to wait for the next AI update?

I have a V3 set up in a way to catch Amazon deliveries. The last 2 deliveries were not recorded. The other cameras do. Wyze is fudging with AI logic, I guess.

AI detection has stopped functioning on my Wyze Doorbell. I have been on line with Support Services twice (Trisha & Larabelle?) Both tried their best, then said I would get an email from Tech support, which I have not seen from either session. I get the same results with and without the license applied to the camera - everything is Motion only. All troubleshooting has been to no avail (mine and theirs). I have been submitting logs for a month.

Since I had a 2nd unit from the back door at my previous residence, I replaced it with that one (even though I think AI takes place at the Wyze end, not at the camera end?). The very first event notification was for a Person, not Motion as was usual. GREAT!

Continued with the setup, and then it said it needed to update the firmware - so I did. Now no AI again. Something in that last firmware update ( appears to have screwed up both doorbell cameras for AI???

The CamPlus license works on my other cameras, but I don’t need it there.

Anyone else run into this issue?