CamPLUS Missing Vehicle Detection Events

I’ve had many issues with CamPlus not working at all. I followed all troubleshooting instructions, with no success. Then VIOLA! Suddenly it started working again. Now I find vehicle detection “partially” works, as I see other vehicles going by detected as ‘Motion’ that are not as ‘Vehicle’. Are others seeing this same anomaly?

Welcome to the community @scjonesallen! I am currently also experiencing some AI recognition issues on my 12 CamV3. From what I have experienced, my person detection and vehicle detection has degraded recently. I had to go in and check all my settings too. The worst was my doorbell.

From what I have read in the forum, Wyze has been working with the AI recognition algorithms from the get go and continues to do so on a regular basis from all the submitted videos. Not sure if they made any major changes recently that would have back tracked us on recognition capability. There are many here in the community that would know that though.

One thing I found that increased my AI recognition is jacking up the sensitivity setting on each cam. If the sensitivity to motion is too low, it wont trigger anything, let alone an AI target. I also found that where the cam is mounted is just as important. Some of my cams were too high and couldn’t get a good profile shot to identify the moving target. It’s not very good at recognizing the top of my head as a person. Lastly, I found that the Detection Zone grid I set for one cam had shifted (really the cam shifted, possibly by a curious bird, making the Zone out of frame) and was obscuring the full target zone I needed. My biggest problem now is getting the AI to stop tagging fast moving cars as a person.

Hope this helps!

Not exactly, but a similar thing happens to me with my Wyze Cam v2. It at times detects a different motion as a vehicle motion when it’s not a vehicle. Or in the case of me mowing lawn, will detect the motion as a vehicle, or a person and a vehicle (if both, the Wyze app lists it as a person when you click the video). However, I think what ultimately matters is it detects motion and alerts/notifies us about it (if the notification setting is enabled) whether its a bird flying by, a dog, person/mail deliverer, or a vehicle. Motion is motion, so when we get the motion notification and click the recorded video, we will more than likely know for sure what the motion is. Therefore, I don’t think the Wyze Cam and app has to be point on with exactly what type of motion it sensed/caught all the time. Remember it is technology (and a pretty new technology), and nothing is perfect. I would probably say the same when it comes to sound detection.

Thanks for your advice on what can be done to resolve/fix this small issue.

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I have been monitoring this for some time. The AI is all over the map. Most errors are fast moving cars w\ vehicle recognition off. Tags them as pets or people.

At this point, the AI tags are less than 50% correct and completely unreliable.

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The AI has never worked as advertised. For me, most of the time it doesn’t see pets walking with people or even people. It misses vehicles yet almost always sees parked vehicles. Why would I want to know if there was a parked vehicle? I want to see movement not static things. Wzye needs to fire whoever came up with their AI, then start from scratch and hire talented people.