Cam v3 or CamPlus AI can't tell a cat from a car

Is anyone having problems with CamPlus accurately detecting objects as selected in the filters?
I set up a driveway cam with CamPlus to notify me of cars and deliveries (filters set to vehicle, person, package - pets disabled). The person and package detection seems to work well, but unfortunately almost everything else is identified as a “vehicle.”
Day or night, if an animal walks by, bird flies by, tree leaves blow, or even a light turned on, I received a vehicle notification (note there is a camper and car parked in my driveway). After turning off the vehicle notification and lowering the sensitivity, the smaller things no longer trigger the alert, but a cat walking by or a light turning on at night will send me a vehicle alert. The playback even shows that the cat is being tracked, nonetheless, I’m alerted of a vehicle. “Pet” doesn’t even show up as identified.
Unless the alerts can be limited to moving vehicles, this spams my phone with useless notifications all day.

The detected motion isn’t necessarily the tagged recognized object. The camera detects motion through pixel change or PIR detection and then uploads a event to the cloud if that detected. Motion is more than your sensitivity settings. Once in the cloud the AI analyzes the whole video and it gets tagged with recognized objects whether in motion or stationary. If you have a vehicle in view, in your detection zone etc. Etc. Whether moving or not the video should be tagged with vehicle. Here is an existing wish list that’s requesting AI tags for only moving objects.


The AI sucks it’s that simple! All except detecting parked vehicles, that it does very well, while completely missing people walking by. And missing pets people are walking. Instead of adding useless features to the AI, they need to focus on getting the AI to work as advertised first!

My experience has been the total opposite. I get continual notifications for people, pet and packages. I do have Vehicle turned off as I am more concerned of people on my driveway. I use the following cameras to monitor the Driveway and Porch: V3Pro, V3, Doorbell pro, Battery Cam Pro.

I am curious as to what the difference is between your setup and mine to be causing such a difference in the experience.

To set the stage:


  • Currently Wyze Routers pro. Used to have the ASUS Zenwifi XT8. Both of these routers worked without issues
  • I have FiOS Gigabit upload and download with no limits

The one router I have had issues with was the TPLink Deco Mesh system P7, X30, and X60. All of which had streaming issues and notification issues.

Now, I am not saying this is the issue, but would like to reason out what the differences are to try and determine the cause.

For Stat Purposes using Yesterday 12/31/2023:

  • Person Detections: 159
  • Pet Detections: 31

And this was a slow day given the holidays

I get notices for people, yes and vehicles, but most of the time it misses the pets people are walking and missing moving vehicles. Always sees parked vehicles that were trigger by a person that it may or may not label.

At night I have to turn the Event Recording to All Motion Events because Smart Detection misses everything. But if I don’t get up early enough to change it back to Smart Detections, then I get a ton of recordings that I didn’t want, like birds, bird shadows, waving tree limbs, leaves blowing and such. But even the Smart Detections has missed a lot of stuff. It will even miss the start of the event and only catch the ending or stop recording even though the object was still moving.

I have all my cameras setup to reboot once a week because the cameras at times would freeze up, but it hasn’t helped with the AI issues.

I’d like to try the Wyze Router Pro but think it’s too expensive. Almost pulled the trigger on it during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales but, that time of year is hard on me financially.

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The parked car vs moving car is an issue, I don’t add vehicle to my AI at all because of that. The other items described has not been an issue for me esp cially at night. But I do have a street light at the end of my driveway which could aid in it.

What is your current setup, routers etc?

Curious to see if I can notice anything.

Coincidentally, we have a similar setup. I’m on a Verizon gig connection and a deco mesh. My network has been solid with little lag and strong connections to all my cameras. I get the feeling that this is more of an AI issue as others have suggested. A spotty network would more likely miss events.

Looking at my driveway in the last hour, I’ve got 18 events with my kids running around. Most are tagged with Person/Vehicle even though the car never moved. Three are tagged Vehicle only, even though a kid set it off and one is tagged with Package even though there is none.

As I mentioned, I have the Vehicle filter turned off. In fact, the only filter I have on is Person. I get it if AI tags everything it sees in the video, as this is the purpose of a tag, but stationary cars should really be excluded in this case. What really bothers me is that I get Vehicle notifications on my phone even though a person or a cat (disabled filter) trigger it. This seems less of an AI matter, and rather shoddy programming of notifications.

I like the idea of rebooting once a week, if not for freezing, for the constant updates that nag you when you try to check the cameras. As for the Wyze mesh, is there any benefit or integration with their devices? I figure a good mesh is a good mesh when it comes to connectivity.

If vehicle is turned off and you are still having things tagged as Vehicle, that would imply it thinks it is still on. To see if that is the case:

  • Make sure the setting is set
  • Then go to Account > App Settings and clear Cache
  • Restart your phone

Then see if you are getting the notifications on Vehicles. If you do, please submit a device log here and I will see if I can get some eyes on it for you.

Also, Can you provide the following:

  • iOS App Version you are using
  • Camera Type
  • Camera Firmware Version

Since Wyze created the devices and the routers, the assumptions is that they would work well together.

I personally have a great experience with the Wyze Mesh Pro’s. Fast throughput and has been extremely reliable.

The only Mesh Routers I have had an issue with are the TPLink Deco’s as indicated in a previous post:

  • Deco P7
  • Deco X30
  • Deco X60

I had issues where the camera streams would freeze once an event started happening or when more than one camera started to capture things. They also missed a lot of events.

@mypawlak, your router is just fine, in fact, quite good; @spamoni - saying that Wyze routers and devices should just “work well together” is a bit of a stretch, in the 2020s, given the relatively basic nature of this task. We’re not talking about live streaming 4k video at 90fps, that’s a situation where hardware accelerated and optimized devices can really benefit a common architecture and data structure/prioritization. For tasks like sending <1 GB of relatively low bitrate video to a server – TPLink’s Deco system will work as well (or better) than Wyze’s routers.

I had issues where the camera streams would freeze once an event started happening or when more than one camera started to capture things. They also missed a lot of events.

Your router cannot miss events.

Wyze cameras capture motion internally, and the motion detection is typically based on changes in the pixels in the video feed, or PIR. Once motion is detected, the camera records a clip, saves it on the camera’s internal memory and/or SD card, and then uploads it to Wyze servers for further analysis, such as identifying whether the motion was caused by a person, a vehicle, or another object.

The process of analyzing video clips for specific objects (like vehicles or people) is separate from the initial motion detection. It’s more about analyzing the content of the recorded clip rather than detecting motion. This analysis is done server-side by Wyze’s algorithms. So, theoretically, as long as the video clip reaches Wyze’s servers, it should be analyzed by the object detection model, regardless of the network’s speed.

  • Deco X60

I had issues where the camera streams would freeze once an event started happening or when more than one camera started to capture things.

My TPLink Deco routers (two), handle the traffic of eight separate 4k cameras, streaming three RTSP streams per camera, 24/7/365 (or 366, leap year!). That bandwidth is close to 100/mb a second, nonstop, not including the other things happening on the network (watching Netflix, etc). Motion/Object Detections are frequently flawed, because AI object detection is in it’s infancy in 2024. But it has nothing to do with the cameras, the router, the network (Ting Fiber), or any link in that chain. As long as the camera-hardware-triggered event gets to the server running the OD model, there are only two culprits to blame – wyze camera motion detection, or wyze’s server-side object detection.

EDIT: The latency of your network can impact the speed of notifications, but the argument that the hardware of the router is to blame for anything being missed entirely, is flawed.

Thanks for your input. I can only provide my experience with TPLink Decos and the models I used. I had nothing but issues when live streaming multiple cameras or when a lot of events were being triggered.

I no longer have the TPLink routers in my network, so an update may have fixed it. In my research I found multiple articles about streaming multiple devices on a TPLink Deco Mesh Setup and experiencing issues.

With that said, I do like the TPLink routers, but with the issues they were not a viable solution. Asus and Wyze has worked flawlessly for me.

Also note that your setup uses RTSP and 4K cameras and not the standard Wyze Cameras and prod firmware. Other cameras seem to work with TPLink, so you are correct in that you may be ok.

I strive to provide individuals with my experience and issues I have had. I also do my comparisons with the Wyze Cameras and how they function.

TPLink has other routers which seems to work just fine, for me the Deco Mesh setup had issues. This is why I listed the models I used.

Can you provide the model of TPLink you are using and how many Wyze Cameras you have connected. Please also indicate if they are running the standard production Firmware.

Just to clarify, my issues were with the models I used, I also have a gigabit connection, so speed and performance of my network is not an issue. Ever since switching from the Deco Mesh, my problems and performance has been more than acceptable.