Objects in motion (not stationary) notifications only

Please make it so that vehicle ai notifications are only sent for moving vehicles. My video events are filled with my parked vehicle. I only really care about moving vehicles. Thanks!!

They are already working on this with the new AI

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Ignore Parked Car Vehicle Detection

I monitor my driveway to protect the contents in my car. When the wind blows sometimes a moving shadow triggers a vehicle detection.


I have a Pan Cam v2 in my garage ‘looking’ out the windows in the garage door at my mailbox. Motion Tracking is turned on.

Anytime the Pan Cam v2 see’s motion out the window, it tracks as it should, then returns to it’s default location. My parked car in the garage gets tagged as a “Vehicle Detected”. It’s not a frequent occurrence, but it shouldn’t happen at all.



Interesting that it only says 'Person" here, and not ‘Person, Vehicle’



I would be here all day and max out my post limit if I posted all the AI mistakes Wyze is producing… It has progressed like their Firmware and App updates… Crash and Burn.

I have 3 cams set to Person\Pet pointed at my front yard where the road frontage is. I regularly get 50 to 75 AI Events on these 3 cams. Over 90% are cars on the road being tagged as people and pets.

I have 2 cams trained on my driveway. I have to shut off the Vehicle AI on both cams if I leave my car parked in the driveway for any extended time. Otherwise, dozens of AI events and notifications for a Vehicle.

The AI is broken. And has been for…

Over 8 months.

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YES! Was just coming to post this but did a search first and see somebody already wants it!

I noticed before but now that I have the Garage Door Controller, it’s a big problem! If my garage door is open, I keep getting notifications for my PARKED vehicle in the garage. Would be great if they could figure out how to only give the notification for a VEHICLE when the vehicle is what triggered the motion. A lot more people are going to be noticing this issue, I’m afraid, as the popularity of the Garage Door Controller grows.

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And here is your answer to this request. 25 days ago 4\11\22.

Don’t look for a quick resolution.

Well that’s a bummer. I can’t imagine why anybody would like to be notified over and over and over again that there is still a car parked in the driveway? But, looks like they’re looking at it so maybe “someday”. Might actually move up higher on their priority list as more and more people get the Garage Door Controller and complain about it always telling them there is a car is still parked. LOL

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Stop Detecting Parked Vehicles

I would really like the AI to stop detecting parked vehicles, especially when it doesn’t detect people or pets that walk right in front of the vehicle. There is no situation where I would want to know that a vehicle is parked, it’s more important to know that a vehicle is moving.


You said back in Aug of 2021 that they were already working on this. Yet here we are in June of 2022 and we still have notifications of motion for parked cars. Wyze has to have the most incompetent programmers on the planet!


Stop detecting my parked car on doorbell

I always get notifications when the doorbell detects the shadow of my large tree as it waves in the wind, even when my detection sensitivity is only at 50% or less. I have smart detection with cam+, but it doesn’t help reduce the amount of notifications. This is because I have a car parked in the driveway. I would love to have the option to pick and choose smart detection notifications, to disable car notifications, or to be able to not detect a parked car, and only get notified when a car is in motion.

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Why they felt that giving notifications for parked vehicles was something that anyone would want is ridiculous. Wyze, pull your head out and fix this!

I do not work for wyze bud I said what they said but ok LOL…

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Okay bud, clearly Wyze lies.

Wyze is hiring a Software Development Engineer (AI Platform).

You should definitely apply! Here is the link:

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Yeah okay. If I knew how to program I wouldn’t work for them. I can see it now, I’d point out a software bug and my boss would say don’t worry about it we’ll “try” to fix it later and if we don’t we’ll just release new products and our customers will forget all about the issue.

Oh, I apologize. I misunderstood. From your statement I thought you were fully qualified to determine the competencies required of Wyze programmers.

My mistake.

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Don’t have to be fully qualified to know when a company doesn’t know what they are doing. But I guess you just accept all their funny product videos and AI claims. Oh must be nice being a fan boy.

You have obviously not taken the time to review my many critical posts of Wyze before posting. Nor have you even taken the time to scroll up and read my posts above with uncontestable proof to the contrary.

Being critical of Wyze is one thing. Being ignorant while doing so and directing that toward other users advocating for a resolution is quite another.

You just want to argue.

But the fact is that Wyze has known about their many software issues and hasn’t fixed it. I have wasted money buying their products and many of them still have the same software bugs and it’s been several years. It seems to be a common thing for them. Put out a funny promotional video for a new product with amazing features, but it usually doesn’t do the things Wyze claims.