AI detection linked to vehicle motion, or just any vehicle?

My question is this: is the AI detection of things (person, vehicle, pet, package) tied solely to that thing existing in the camera frame, or that there was motion associated with that thing?

I have a Cam v3 pointed out a front window toward my patio, driveway, front yard, and the road.

It seems like every event is tagged as Vehicle because it can see my car sitting static in the driveway. Is this intended?

If a person walks by on the road, this gets tagged as Motion, Vehicle, Person.

So it’s not identifiably different from a scenario where a car drives up and drops off a person. Same tags.

It basically means the vehicle tag is useless because it is on every single video if you have a car in frame, even if that car is parked/static.

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I read in other posts that if a person or vehicle is in the frame, moving or not, it gets tagged. The algorithm just notes the presence of the object in the video. Not extremely useful from my perspective. In theory though, if a car or person is moving and the movement causes a recording the tags are correct.

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When the V3 in the front of my house is interested in swaying tree branches I can drive up the street, get out of the vehicle and walk right in front of the camera and get absolutely nothing in regards to notifications if I just have AI events turned on and all other motion events off.

As long as there’s some motion like swaying tree branches, if there’s a vehicle in view, it will tag the event, “Vehicle”. I have a car parked on the driveway for days and it kept tagging it.

The algorithm does currently tag unmoving vehicles. Think of it this way: I have my cam set to trigger when anything moves about halfway down my driveway. Just like the old days, when a trigger happens, the algorithm evaluates the entire frame. That’s because whether it was a foot or a bumper that triggered the capture, the whole person or car needs to be looked at to determine what happened.

What might be needed as an improvement is to consider if what they ultimately tagged was what actually caused the trigger.

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If the AI servers are getting the video file and not just stills, it should be possible (trivial really) to determine whether a vehicle was moving across the frame. It may or may not have been the cause of the motion alert but at least it can be determined if it was moving at all. Apparently they are not yet doing this. They should.

Yes, what might be needed as an improvement is to consider if what they ultimately tagged was what actually caused the trigger. I.E. – if it was moving at the time of the trigger, AND touching the detection zone.

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Yep. “Vehicle Present” tag vs. “Vehicle Motion” tag.

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Can’t be vehicle motion only because I already have false identifications where a cloud trips detection at the same time a car is driving by. Has to include being the cause of the trigger (moving and inside the detection zone).

Sure but there will be lots of cases where two things are moving at once. Then again these cameras already nicely track where they’re focused with the green box.

AI detection in the garage. - I want people notifications but really don’t need to know that my car is still in the garage.

It would be great to be able to select which AI events we want notification about.

You already have that in the CamPlus settings…

Thanks Bill. I was looking at the notification preferences for that cam. I didn’t expect (or know) to look at the Cam Plus settings. Not as intuitive as you would expect IMO

If your cam sees a person walk past a parked car in sight it will say person/vehicle, Turn vehicle off in Cam Plus does seem to work. :grin:

Sometimes it does seem to be a guessing game, trying to locate the proper settings to do what you need. :smiley:

The AI detecting parked vehicles, due to a different motion event is ridiculous. If it does this then why doesn’t it also detect other things like a person or pet outside of a set grid due to a different motion event that was in the grid? My grid is set to so it does a motion event for anything in my driveway, so even a bird sitting on the fence at the driveway can set off the event. And often in those video clips there are also people walking by (not in my driveway) and the AI apparently doesn’t review the frame to see them, or their dogs, or moving vehicles in the frame.

The current features of the AI don’t work correctly but Wzye is adding new detection features for labeling, this makes no sense. What they should do is fix what’s currently supposed to work! Then add to it.

And then the AI stops detecting vehicles completed, since 11/4. And Support can’t give you anything other than 5 emails of things to try… and none of them work. So you wait, for Wyze to fix whatever it is that broke it in the first place.

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The AI is so broken, Wyze might as well go back to just motion sensing detection and forget identifying what’s in the video. Right now the only thing it seems to detect consistently are parked vehicles. And why in the world would I want to know that there is parked vehicle in the video, when all I care about are what caused the motion events. It’s so ridiculous!

I share everyone’s grief! Here is my false positive story with video doorbell footage (Cam Plus):

Prior to the various AI detection scenarios, every time that the sun caused a shadow on my wind spinner or it snowed I received a notification. With the advent of AI (and me setting notifications ONLY for AI events) these notifications stopped (although all of my cams STILL did detect “motion” and recorded footage, I DID NOT receive notifications as such). Well guess what? These past two days we had out-of-town company and they parked in our driveway. It also has been snowing on and off. SOOOOO, while the falling snowflakes triggered motion events AND there was a car in view of my doorbell cam, I received constant and continual AI “vehicle” notifications, e.g. since the doorbell cam saw a vehicle (stationary as it was), the algorithm put 2 and 2 together and falsely sent a notification AS IF a vehicle in my driveway WAS IN motion. Furthermore, now that there are NO vehicles in my driveway, the snow DOES NOT trigger a notification (although it still detects motion and my cams record it, but at least I am not constantly notified).

BOTTOM LINE: As I stated in another thread on this Forum, the AI algorithm needs tweaking so that it does not mistake one type of motion triggering a totally different AI event (falling snow triggering a vehicle notification when the vehicle is not in motion or changing sunlight or other light-created shadows false positives say a package sitting on one’s doorstep). Wyze REALLY needs to take this seriously, as apparently many folks are experiencing these anomalies and in certain circumstances can trigger one’s security system (as did happen to me twice within a 10 day period) and I received call from Noonlight telling me they were going to call the police (which I was able to squash before they did so, thank goodness)! And if the police are called to one’s house for too many false alarms then cities start to charge homeowners for the calls! ALL OF THIS MUST BE STOPED BEFORE IT GETS OUT OF HAND! So everyone who is experiencing this, PLEASE SUBMIT TICKETS TO WYZE so they really can understand the ramifications!!!

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Whenever there is an ai tag, it doesn’t mean that the recognized object is moving, it just means that the object is recognized as what the ai tags the video with. If a vehicle was stationary in frame of the clip where there was movement somewhere in the clip, and if the ai tags the clip with vehicle, the current ai algorithm tagged it correctly. There has been talk and there is a wishlist item to have the ai only tag moving recognized objects, but that’s something for in the future. Same thing for the package on the doorstep, if there is moving somewhere in the frame, but a stationary package on the doorstep, if that clip is tagged with package then things are working right as they currently should be.