Wyze CAM V3 detecting person only as "PERSON VEHICLE"

Since that last firmware update, one of my V3 cameras is constantly detecting me as both a person and a vehicle. I am a bit overweight, but not sure if I qualify for “vehicle” status yet. The rest if my cameras see me as a person.
Any ideas what is wrong? I keep submitting corrections but that hasn’t seemed to help.


Hi, could you please direct message me one of the recording along with a device log? Thank you so much!


Not sure how I would do those things.

Click on The Avatar and you will see the following. Select Message, this will open up a DM for you.

As for the Log, go to the V3 in question, click on settings, then Wyze Support. Finally, click submit log and select the appropriate option or Other.

I would also screen shot the Event tab show where you are tagged as Person and Vehicle so that there is a visual of it as wrll.


Are there any vehicles elsewhere in the event video? The recognized object tags arnt necessarily the detected motion. The recognized object tags are what is detected by the AI as being in the video, weither stationary or moving. I got this when i was shoveling the driveway, my camera caught me and my car, and tagged the event video as person and vehicle, even though the car was covered in snow and obviously not moving.

I understand that this isnt very desirable, as one would probably want recognized object tags on moving objects, but the above is the way it currently works.

This may be an applicable wishlist topic.

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Thanks for the reply. The cars in question are a LONG way away.
The weird thing is that the vehicles are actually outside my detection zone, but I guess once it detects motion it takes in everything in the frame.
Obviously a known bug.

It’s not supposed to take anything outside of your grid into account. Mine certainly doesn’t.