AI Person/Vehicle tagging v2 vs v3 Cam

I have seen a couple of posts noting that they are having issues with vehicles being tagged as people. I am seeing the same thing but I noticed an interesting quirk. If I change the AI settings to detect people and vehicles then it tags them correctly almost every time. As soon as I turn off vehicle detection, every car that drives by gets tagged as a person.

The other interesting thing is that I have a v2 and a v3 overlapping much of the same field of view and this problem seems to be almost exclusive to the v3 camera.

In my case I have the cameras pointed at an area with a ton of vehicle traffic, so I am only interested in notifications of people not cars. I’m also in the camp that would like to see granular control over the AI detection vs notification settings ie tag everything but only notify me of a person or package etc.


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Great insight, thanks for sharing.

My front V3 seems to especially have false person detections caused by vehicles at night (not all of them, but sometimes), though I suspected this is because I have a detection zone that excludes the road, but at night the headlights penetrate into the detection zone area and then the headlights over my little pine tree look like a head of light on a body. (I have vehicle detection turned off)

It’s interesting to hear your findings. Now I wonder if it’s mostly because I have vehicle detection turned off, and night is just a coincidence because that’s the only time vehicle headlights penetrate my detection zone. I would test the vehicle detection hypothesis here, but like you, I don’t want all those notifications about vehicles.

I definitely look forward to them allowing us to tag/detect everything but only notify of a few things. I recall WyzeShawn mentioning that they were looking into this. It would be great if the next major app iteration included this, and if not, I will continue to remind WyzeShawn that it is important (ie in AMA’s and the AI Newsletter comments). I want to be able to filter for videos that have my pets or vehicles in them, I just don’t want notifications for them.

I agree with you completely on the filtering…that’s a key aspect for security applications. If I need to go back and review something I have continuous recording to SD cards and its nice to be able to drill down to what I’m after without scrubbing through tons of footage.

I had a detection zone on the V2 (just turned it off out of curiosity). In the clip above it motion tagged the car as you would expect and with AI set to only detect people it didn’t trigger. The V3 with people detection on triggered an AI alert on the car.

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