False notifications Person vs Vehicles

Log ID 881534 was created. Recently, my V3 cams front yard cam started to flag a person when, in fact, it was a vehicle passing by. I cleared the cache and restarted the camera with no success. I always click on Yes to change it from “person” to “car.” Sometimes it shows Person and Car, and I remove the person. Is this normal? It never used to do this.


I am seeing this as well and reported to Wyze. I will provide your log and link as well


The AI is probably thinking something in frame is a person , I would start by blocking out those trees from the bottom going up.

I experienced this as well and blocking out anything that resembled a standing up figure reduced those false positives

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It is entirely possible that one of the stationary objects just looks like a person and is being tagged. The Vehicle is just triggering the upload. Trial and error blocking out specific objects one at a time fixed it for me.

More details here:

They need to go back to square one, because what we are currently paying for makes way too many mistakes.


@NRHTX @Resist

I know Wyze is working on the notification issue.

Can you provide the following, so I can relay it on:

  1. What Camera model is this happening on? (I see @NRHTX references a V3)
  2. Is your camera mounted right side up or is it flipped and you need to toggle the 180 setting in settings

I am working on a notification issue with Wyze and it would help to know.

I may come back and ask for additional information, if it is ok with you.

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  1. V2 and V3 cameras
  2. Some are right side up and some are flipped with the 180 setting


There are some issues when the camera is flipped. They are working on trying to provide the fix…

It would help them immensely if you can provide additional items, some you can DM me if you would like. If you can provide the items below for a camera that is flipped and one that is not flipped:

  1. Device being used
  2. App version
  3. Affected Camera Model
  4. Camera Firmware version
  5. Device Log: Live Stream the Camera, go to Settings, then Live Support, Submit a log
  6. Provide Log Number here
  7. App Log: Go to Account>Wyze Support>Submit a log. I would choose services and then other. Provide Log Number here

Then add the following here or DM as well

  1. Screen Shot of the event screen showing the incorrect tags as well as a screen shot of the event.
  2. Download the Video / Event so that Wyze can run it through the engine to see why it was incorrectly tagged
  3. finally the Mac Address or the Camera.

Again, this will help resolve the issues. Please DM if you don’t feel like providing the information here. Maybe the Mac Address.

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  1. V3 with yearly cloud subscription
  2. Right side up and mounted inside the window with no glares.

I managed to get Android App MacroDriod to detect Person in Front yard without any issues. It would be nice is this was already integrated within the app software. In MacDriod I had to create 1 trigger ad 3 actions for Wyze to work perfectly.

So it is working for you now.

Question, since you have Cam Plus, why don’t you just set your Event Recording to record all Motion + Smart AI Tags you want. Then in Notification, only Notify on the Smart AI you selected in the Event Recording.

Just curious.

I think there is some confusion. MacroDroid Macros won’t detect a Person, it only runs a predefined set of actions whan it matches a push notification received from Wyze of a Person having been detected and tagged by the AI Bot from a Cam Motion Detected Video Event upload.

I know that the AI engine was recently updated, the change that you are seeing in detecting a Person when no person is there may be due to the updated AI. The car is undoubtedly causing the Motion Event Video Upload, but as @Rulwiz mentioned, one of the other stationary objects is probably what is being tagged. Because Wyze doesn’t mark their tags in the videos, it is a guessing game.

Is that V3 cam on FW or has it been updated to one of the limited release 4.36.10.xxxx versions?

I will assume you have already turned off the Vehicle Detections in the Smart Detection settings of Event Recording?

One thing you can do so that car motion doesn’t initiate a Motion Detection Video Upload is to use the DZ to block out the roadway but leave the lower half, sidewalk and yard, in the included area. If anyone walks down the sidewalk or closer, it will still create a Motion Event Video Upload and the entire object attached to whatever moves within the DZ will be considered for AI tagging even if they are overlapping into the excluded DZ.

Honestly that’s just too much work for me. I paid for a product that doesn’t work as advertised and the customer shouldn’t have to put so much of their own time into helping the company fix the issues. The company should have done more testing prior to release.

And now I just had another issue where one of my cameras inside my house recorded an event titled Smoke Alarm but the video is stuck loading and just won’t play. There was no smoke in my house or did a smoke detector go off. But there is no settings for smoke detection and sound detection was not on.

That is your option. I will say that I am not experiencing the same issues as you. Matter of fact, it has been pretty stable for me. Yes there are issues and yes I am working with Wyze to try and get some of this resolved. But any support we could give would benefit the community as a whole. I have had many other camera systems and IoT devices, all have had their fair share of issues. Wyze has been one of the most stable set of devices I have used. I have indicate din other posts that I have used ARLO, Ring, Eufy, etc, and all have had their issues.

With that said, I respect your stance on this and will let the individual at Wyze know that they will not be getting the information.

Appreciate you taking the time.


Within the last few weeks, some of my cams began reporting vehicles, trees, and my dog as persons. V3 and OG cams.

My V3 has been reporting people as cars for months now. I submit corrections constantly and nothing ever changes. I won’t be renewing my subscription. The camera simply doesn’t do what I pay for it to do.

Was there a vehicle in the frame of the event? Can you post a video where you believe as it was incorrectly tagged?

Yes, there is a vehicle in the event. The vehicle is parked. The only movement in the event is a person. This is always the case.

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Ok, looks like the current AI is working correctly, and I’ll explain.

The current AI tags the event clip with recognized objects, no matter that there they are moving or stationary. If the vehicle is within the frame, and is stationary, a “vehicle” tag in the event is correct. The detected motion is just what was breaking the sensitivity and detection thresholds and if there is a tag associated with the event clip, that’s not necessarily the detected motion. The green box is just the detected motion, and currently has no association with the AI tags.

Just saw your clip, and that should be tagged “person” and “vehicle” as both are present in the clip.

There is a Wishlist requesting that the AI only tag moving objects, not moving AND stationary objects.

Here is an example, the first video shows a person and this works well. The second video 3:03 PM · Front yard its a vehicle and no person. The other video at 2:41 PM · Front yard another vehicle and no person. The last video its a person.