Every vehicle detected as person

I have a V3 facing the front yard & street and every time a car drives by it’s detecting it as a person. I’ve been submitting some for training, but I can’t spend the time required to submit them all. This camera used to be watching inside only and it did a good job detecting people, but there wasn’t really a lot of other choices. Is there anything else I should be doing? I had to turn the notifications off because it is constant.

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Is this where you live?



lol, that totally solves the problem.

If the motion is triggered by the car moving but there is something that appears to be a person also in the frame at that time, that could explain the behavior.

Here’s a still and a clip for example of what it’s reporting as a person. It doesn’t detect a vehicle, just a person.

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Maybe the hydrant then? Nothing else looks like a person.

I suppose you could test by rotating the camera to the right so the hydrant is not in view. But it really doesn’t look all that much like a person. :frowning:

It can really rotate because it’s up against a window inside. Seems like the AI needs some better training I guess.

Well one other thing you can try, if you’re exceedingly careful, is to try a really tiny bit of tape on the outside of the window, using the phone view as a guide, to cover just the hydrant.

The detection zone settings are supposed to be able to mask this sort of thing too, but I don’t believe CamPlus works this way - even when the faux person is outside the original detection zone, they count when they’re in the frame.

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I was going to suggest the detection zone as well, wasn’t aware of the AI object still being detected if in the frame. Interesting. I am going to test that out on my VDB turning off the whole area and see what it picks up.

But I agree most likely the hydrant and or the two mailboxes that are triggering the person detection.

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Just a follow up, 2 days ago I set my detection zone to not detect 90% of it’s viewable frame and I have in fact not gotten a single event recorded or notification of Person, Vehicle, Pet or Package… with Event Recording set to detect motion (which should generate a recording) and Notifications set to notify Wyze AI Events. You could often liken my Front door to a clown car with all the people coming and going from my house. So I know there have been “people” there.

@Runaround I would be interested in knowing if you masked the Mailboxes and Hydrant in the frame if your person notifications suppress when a vehicle in the road is detected.

Could be the foliage on the left too… I have actually had spider webs detect as a person before, AI is still learning :slight_smile:

I uploaded this video to our tool. The model didn’t see there is any person detected. This should be some systemetic error. Can you let us know the MAC address of this device? or submit a camera log to us to help debug it further


here is the model output


I submitted a log. The log # is 307034

I’ll PM the mac.


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And for me it’s detecting pets as vehicles. The AI is crap and not what we should be paying for!

Did this ever get resolved? I am in the same boat - constantly getting person notifications when a car drives by - every couple of minutes.

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Hey, can I have this tool? Just for [Mod Edit] giggles hahaha

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