AI Keeps Tagging Video's as a Vehicle

Now it seems that every day time video the AI tags them as a Vehicle, even though no vehicles are in the detection areas. People walking are tagged as people and vehicle. People walking their dogs, it’s tagged as people, pet and vehicle but most of the time it doesn’t even see the dogs. But then at night the AI doesn’t see vehicles at all, even when they are clearly shown under the street light.

I’m not sure if Wyze is even doing anything about this but it’s not getting better, it’s actually getting worse. I’m constantly correcting the tags and sharing the video with them but it just doesn’t seem to be learning. And it’s very time consuming on my part when I get 50 videos a day. I keep reducing my detection grid but it keeps recording movement that isn’t in the detection grid. The software is too buggy!


Question, Did you setup a detection zone and that is what you mean by detection areas? Also, is there a car anywhere in the image? Can you post the Video so we can see?

As I said yes a detection zone, and obviously I had to set it up. And again, as I said there were no cars in the detection zone area. It shouldn’t matter if a car is in the video, what matters is if it’s in the detection zone. If it’s detecting vehicles outside of the detection zone then the AI is flawed.

I read what you said…

The details are important when posting to the community, version number of camera’s, version of app, etc.

So asking for a sample event is something individuals could use to assist with the problem.

In addition, I was under the impression that the Legacy setup was for Person detection only. If that is the case, then your event may be provided to Wyze Cloud for AI processing which could be the issue you are experiencing. The Cloud AI does not know your detection zones and does review the enire event to determine what is there.

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The detection zone is local to the camera/client side only. Once the camera detects motion within the detection zone the clip is uploaded and then the AI analyses the whole clip for whatever AI tags you have enabled. If it detects it in the clip, anywhere in the clip, it’ll tag the appropriate tag. Also the “tags” arnt necessarily what the detected motion was.

In addition to what @spamoni asked for a event video, can you post an example video with motion tagging enabled, and then a screen shot of your detection zone for a visual aid for the rest of us? Thanks in advance!


I have a very similar problem, happens with both my V2 and V3 cams. Any motion, no matter what is tagged as vehicle, day or night. A tree branch moves a bug flying past. Occasionally it gets it correct with person or pet. It is very annoying to get notifications all day and night long for absolutely nothing… now there are cars in the cams view but blocking them out with detection zone has no effect. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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The detection zone only triggers the capture. After that the AI evaluates the whole frame.


Sounds like your ai tagging is working as currently designed. Important thing is that the tags arn’t necessarily the detected motion. If you enable motion tagging on the camera when you get motion events you can review the vents and see where the green squares are to see what is being detected as motion. With those cameras and their pixel detection system any pixel change, color change, light change will trigger as “motion”.


I would contend that this is NOT working as designed, or at least as intended. No one wants an alarm or indication about a parked car if an insect triggers a motion detection, for example. IMO, the detection zone parameters should be passed in with the video.


Currently it IS working as designed, like it has been pointed out the detection zone triggers the recording then the video gets sent to the cloud and the entire area scanned by the AI, not just the detection zone. This may or may not change in the future but that is how it works now. There are various wishlist topics on this for instance to only tag if vehicle is moving.


Odd, then, as that certainly doesn’t make any sense.

And it also doesn’t make much sense to tag a moving vehicle if outside the detection zone.


This is ridiculous! Why would anyone want the recording to be labeled from an object that isn’t moving? We only want to know what triggers the recording, we can see with our own eyes the other non moving things in it when we play it back. It makes no sense that it does this.

Something happened in a firmware update because my V3 camera with Cam Plus never used label a recording with a vehicle parked outside of the motion detection zone.


I completely agree! It makes no sense at all. All I care about is what triggered the even in my established detection zone. Anything else, I could care less about. This makes the AI useless to me!

Plus, it can see a parked vehicle but can’t see a Pet as in a large dog.

Recommendation that Wyze needs to;

  1. establish the unambiguous features it wants to provide, so that the developers have something concrete to write user stories to, For example; notify when a person has moved in a detection zone, notify when a vehicle has moved in a detection zone
  2. unambiguously solicit annotation feedback from those volunteering to label videos. For example, solicit feedback when motion has initiated the detection of moving objects in the detection zone for purposes of labeling [only the moving objects or all objects]?

Right now, if waving branches trigger a motion detection, and there is a parked vehicle in the image, what does Wyze want labeled in the feedback, both “branches waving” and “vehicle”? Looking to Wyze to provide this answer…

I have motion tagging turned on. I can see what moves and is tagged as motion. I don’t have that set to notify me of just motion. It is over seeing my driveway so there are cars just sitting there. I know they are there and haven’t moved. I want to be notified if a new car pulls into the drive. Then my thoughts are the moving car would be tagged as vehicle. Not a shadow, bug, leaf, or whatever. Very annoying to get notifications for no good reason. If they can’t distinguish a tree branch from a car, what good is it?

But you said there is a vehicle in the frame of the video…:

You are getting notified of detected motion. The tags that are attached to the video arnt necessarily the motion, it’s just that the AI detected those objects in frame and tagged it as such. That is how the system is currently designed.

If you want to be notified of a new vehicle arriving in the driveway, you can exclude any everything but the driveway with your detection zone and turn your sensitivity settings to less sensitive to hopefully only have larger objects in your zone trigger a motion event. but since you state that there are always vehicles in the driveway, all of your events with vehicles should have the vehicle tag attached even if they are stationary.

It has been mentioned on the forums to change the AI system to only tag moving objects within a detection zone, and we can hope that that would be a future feature added to the system. But the latter is what we have currently. I do agree that that would be a more desirable system, but I understand how the system works right now and I’m hopefully able to educate the community here how it’s supposed to work.

If you have zero vehicles in frame, not a single one, and you get an event video with the vehicle tag attached, then there’s an issue. If that occurs please submit the video for future AI training.


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What Einstein at Wyze decided that the algorithm once motion is detected that it should label recordings of objects that didn’t trigger the detection or even move? This totally doesn’t make any sense! In what world does any motion sensing camera report objects that don’t move? Might as well have it detect rocks as well.

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The same on that tells me there is a package on my porch even though it has not moved. They continue working on this all the time and it has been mentioned to find a way to differentiate between moving and non moving vehicles, or to only look at the detection zone instead of the whole area.


It’s not a secret that the Wyze AI will be changing and evolving. This is what we have to work with now, but in the future it will be different, Wyze has been open about that.

Looks like you will be able to do that. Skip to 7:37.

I am excited to see what it turns into.