Vehicle labeled Outside of Grid

Once again my V3 camera labeled my vehicle in my driveway when a pet walked by. It did correctly label the pet, which is a first but my vehicle was outside of the grid I set up so it shouldn’t have labeled the vehicle at all.


Remember, the detection zone is used for monitoring to know when an event is triggered. Once the event is triggered, the entire event is analyzed to see if any Selected AI is in frame.

Since your vehicle is in frame, it is being tagged as requested as is the pet, which triggered the event.

There have been requests to focus on the Detection Zone only.

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Well, the way it was explained to me is that Wyze changed it so that only events within the assigned grid are labeled. This way you don’t so many recorded events, because you only wanted what was in the detection grid anyway.

Can you provide the link to where that is? I can then verify it for you.

I’m looking but it was a while ago.

No Rush, I will search some as well. I knew there was a request for it, but was not aware it has been implemented.

I can say this, I’ve had this same detection grid with pets walking within it and it hasn’t labeled my vehicle, which is in the frame but outside of the grid, in a long time.

I will reach out and see if something has changed on the AI for Cam V3

I too would like an official confirmation if AI detection is now bound by the DZ (detection zone).
I posted on another thread back on 11/11/22 that I was experiencing what appeared to be AI only being applied to what was in the DZ.

AI was failing to detect people fairly regularly (motion was being detected just fine), but when I opened up the DZ to include a greater part of the view it suddenly started to work. This worked on several cameras that were all experiencing the same issue - failed AI detection. I made no other changes. This was after about 2 months of AI only working maybe one in 10 times, sometimes less. Seems oddly coincidental.

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Well, the AI detection clearly is bound to the grid boxes. I have a camera looking at my driveway and sidewalk but not the street. The motion detection green box detects motion and records the video if a vehicle drives by and their shadow or lights are on the sidewalk but the AI has not labeled it as a vehicle. People walk by and it doesn’t label them as people because it only sees their feet or legs.

Oh and the AI still hasn’t labeled insects, which occur at least 20 times a day. I keep submitting the video with the correct label but the AI just isn’t learning.

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AI should be updated to only notify on a vehicle that has changed position. Headlights driving by continuously flags my own parked truck.

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It would be great to have an AI filter that just limits to the events those “in the zone”.

On my Nest cams,
there are separate lists for events in the zone and outside the zone
which we can separately trigger from.


I find that headlight from passing vehicles often trigger events as the headlight light impacts the defined zone which sees it as an activity event.
Probably challenging to discern the light changes from other motion activity.