Trees Not Vehicles!

Every half a second my camera is telling me there is a vehicle and it’s the damn tree or my flag!!! It’s annoying!!! If I low my sensitivity anymore, I won’t get ANY detections. It’s ridiculous!!!

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You have Vehicle Detection turned on.

Is there a vehicle within the Included Detection Zone? Even a parked one?

Cam Activation Uploads are initiated by Motion. AI Tagging is not limited by motion.

The movement of the trees and flags is initiating the upload, but since the AI checks every still frame (20 per second in daylight), motion isn’t a factor. It will tag any vehicle in any frame of the upload. Even parked ones.

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Is there a vehicle anywhere in the video frame? Can you post a event video or screen shot? The AI tags are necessarily the detected motion. The ai tags are the ai possibly recgonizing objects in frame, weither stationary or in motion.

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Why should that matter? If it’s not MOVING it shouldn’t set it off. The TREE is moving and its saying it’s a vehicle! So I have to ask everyone on my block to move their vehicle because my tree is waving and your cars are saying it’s a vehicle? That just sounds ridiculous to me.

Because the motion (the trees) causes the video clip to be uploaded. Once it is uploaded, the AI is just looking for things it’s supposed to flag - in your case vehicles.

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That isn’t the way it works.

The tree moves and the upload starts. The AI Bot inspects every individual Still Image frame of the upload… Not moving images. If, in any one of those still image frames (20 per second), it sees a car, the entire video gets tagged Vehicle.

The AI Bot looking for people or vehicle does not see motion. It is not tagging the tree. It is tagging the vehicle. The tree is just the movement that created the upload. Wyze does not mark the video with what object was tagged, so there is no way to prove which object is getting the tag. There are also possibilities that multiple objects can be tagged with multiple tags… Even the stationary ones.

No. You either have to turn off vehicle detection or use the Detection Zone to block out the area where the vehicles are.

Still ridiculous because my camera is a certain way for a reason. To WATCH my VEHICLE. The fact that a damn tree is waving, is what is setting it off is RIDICULOUS. So if I got a video doorbell, the tree would be waving and setting it off as what, a person? So am I supposed to turn it off because the video doorbell can’t tell the difference between a person and a tree. Like you sound ridiculous with these ridiculous excuses for the camera not being so smart like it’s suppose to be :joy: . :woman_facepalming:t2:

Thank you for the failed insult, but I am just an experienced Wyze user trying to help an inexperienced Wyze user to understand how the cam they bought works. I am not employed by Wyze. I, like you, am a Wyze Cam customer. This is a user to user forum where we are all riding the same Wyze bus. I just have a lot more time riding. I volunteer here in the forum to help others get the most out of their cams. I didn’t create them. I didn’t program them. I just know how to use them and how they work. You are quite welcome for the assistance.

Only if a person was in one of the frames uploaded in the video. If the tree waves, video uploads, and there isn’t a person identified in any frame of that video then there is no tag applied and no Person notification sent.

If you are using the cam as a security cam to watch your vehicle, as I do with my 25+ cams of all different models, the most comprehensive way is to:

  • Turn off Vehicle Detection
  • Turn On Person Detection
  • Use the Detection Zone to block out places where people would not be and to exclude vegetation from excessive motion activations
  • Increase the sensitivity so that it doesn’t “miss” anything
  • Set the cam to upload all motion videos
  • Filter the Events tab to show only Smart Detection AI videos
  • Turn off notifications for All Other Motion
  • Turn on notification for Person Detections
  • Install a high capacity High Endurance SD Card and set it to record continuous. With a 256GB card that will give you about a month of HD 24\7 history.

Also, the forum has a method for requesting features be added to cams. It is called the #wishlist. I have linked a topic that might help you understand how to use the wishlist. Also, the request for the Wyze AI to only tag and notify moving objects, as well as ignoring background scenery, have been requested already. I have linked both below as well so you can follow the link, Vote for the topic at the top to support it, like :heart: some posts, and add your own post to the bottom as a reply. I’m sure one of them will meet your needs.

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Technically the video doorbell can’t see the difference, it only sees the change in pixels which it detects as “motion”. Once the video is uploaded to the cloud, that is where the AI looks at the clip for recgonized objects in frame. Just have to find the right setting with smart detection settings, motion sensitivity and detection zone settings that fits your use case that minimizes the potential for false positives. There won’t be a perfect set of settings, but my hope is you find a “one size fits most” group of settings that works best for you.

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