AI needs to only detect movement not parked cars etc

I know AI doesn’t care if an object is moving or not. Here’s my scenario. When there is a parked car in my driveway I get vehicle detections when any car goes down the road, tree moves, shadow on the ground. I have all areas where it’s detecting movement ignored but it still sends me vehicle detection all day long. It’s a parked car. Will AI eventually be able to tell if an object is moving and only alert you then? Thanks for any help on this.

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Wyze has this request listed as in progress.


It seems like this has been “in development” for a long time?

I’ve recently upgraded to CamPlus hoping to reduce the number of notifications I was getting only to find that I’m getting 10x more now.

There’s always a stationary vehicle in my driveway and now every fly, shadow, raindrop triggers a “vehicle” detection.
CamPlus makes it worse because there’s no cooldown or limit on the number of events.
My cameras are triggering hundreds of times an hour at night because of this.

I guess that depends on what “a long time” means. I believe they started looking into this about a year ago, and I don’t think the prototype was ready for testing until a couple of months ago. I believe it wasn’t updated to “In Progress” until this year. In terms of developing such a complex machine learning feature, I would not call 1 year a long time at all, but it can seem that way to some people without a lot of experience in programming, machine learning, and testing. So I guess a yes or no is relative to one’s level of experience with this sort of thing. I think it’s moving pretty fast, but I am also anxious for it to come out. I have had to disable vehicle detections on some of my cams so they would stop notifying me about parked cars.