WYZE! You can fix this!

WYZE! Wake up! I can’t be the only one! I’m posting on 5/29/21, and for at least three days, I’m getting notifications of “Person” Events (on my V2’s) where there’s no person whatsoever. This keeps happening, so my choices are to either stop notifications (when it actually DOES WORK) and miss important Events, or continue to be interrupted from more important things to attend to false Notifications of “Person” Events. You HAVE TO KNOW that this is happening, and HAVE TO HAVE a techie somewhere in your stable to rectify it. I figured, OK, a few hours - OK one day - but three-plus days? Come on! I’ve restarted my cameras, deleted and reinstalled them, all to no avail. This is occupying way more of my time than a SUPPOSED CONVENIENCE should. Oh, by the way, my ticket number from MAY 25, 2021 is 214743, but NO TECH MADE CONTACT, and the formula pages you offer, asking “Was this answer helpful?” are useless and insulting. Know when to put on the brakes selling new stuff, and support your loyal customers (he said, echoing the sentiment of hundreds of posters in the past).

can you post a capture from the offending camera so we can get an idea of what the AI might be thinking is a person?

for instance, I have a fire hydrant in my yard. during the day it’s fine and person alert works great, but at night with passing cars and headlights the AI cant make out angles and size as well and it reads as a person to the AI. with the implementation of the grid detection zone I have been able to fix this small issue. but the first step is to be able to identify it.

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Bam -
Thanks for your thoughts, but since November, 2018, when I installed this V2, (with the periodic gremlins and interruptions in performance), it has performed perfectly in detecting “Person” Events. Now, if I were to send you a screen shot, you would probably and logically tell me that all of the shadows of the trees moving in the breeze are the obvious culprit, but this has just begun in the last week. I’ve had breezes and shadows for years. If Wyze’s AI has “learned wrong” (since it had always performed “right”), there needs to be techie attention to the AI algorithm. But my having returned a log and gotten a ticket number, and then silence for five days is not good business, and reminds me every time I’m distracted and irritated by another false “Event”.

That was when you had the “real” person detection, not the person detection you have now.

PD is all but hobbled now.

Alan K -
Just as quickly as it went bad, beginning late yesterday, I’m getting proper Notifications for almost 24 hours now - but still distressing that if it’s because Wyze fixed whatever caused this, they never responded as promised to my sending a LOG and getting a ticket number. For all I know, it will go bad again in the next hour, though I’m a naive optimist. My most important cameras are two V2’s (front of the house) and two V3’s (rear of the house) aimed at the same locations from different angles. I consistently have events registered on one camera and not the other - and yes - I’m carefully aware of the 5-minute delay factor. Also, I sometimes go walk in front of the cameras and have either both trigger or neither. One (fifth) V2 sends Notifications that never appear in Events. I have to theorize that Wyze’s servers are overloaded, since I’ve covered every remedy so many times on my own premises (restarting, deleting and reinstalling both the cameras and the app, reconfiguring my Wi-Fi, buying more powerful routers, eating right - you name it). When will their act get together permanently? And I don’t mean the promotion of new products.

I finally called and spent an hour (59:18) on the phone with them Friday, 6-4-21 at (206) 339-9646, when “Ashlee” got it to work, and told me that she was closing out the ticket number. Within hours, it was back to non-functional through today (6-8-21), but now, it’s another camera aimed at the same location. This is very likely Wyze’s AI not having been mastered by Wyze - but they never forget to include the red reminder icon on my Events to sign up for Cam Plus. I’ve repeatedly adjusted the sensitivity of the cameras’ detection, but it’s either too little for a correct detection or I get Notifications every five minutes or so, depending on whether there are moving shadows from the trees. I fully expect this problem to go away and return as Wyze tries to figure out how it works.

Notifications have been a sore spot for years (not hours, days or months). The most recent update messed up sound notifications for many people (including myself), where you receive endless sound notifications. That last firmware that created this issue was pushed to us over a month ago and still has no fix (yet a “beta” was offered for testing, but no actual fix).
I just deleted my android app and reloaded last week, turned sound notifications off for all camera’s and I have ONE camera out of six giving me person detection reliability. Why?? I have no clue. I ran out of time to troubleshoot. You might try that. Good Luck.

What MANY here are finding out…The Community is nothing but BETA testers for Subpar products.

With all of Wyze’s refreshingly-historical honesty in admitting blunders, why can’t Wyze just do that now, instead of letting us “twist slowly, slowly” in the wind with mysterious malfunctions lacking solutions?

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In business, “refreshingly-historical honesty” is really good PR.