Cam Plus AI Pet Detection Missing Option

A few weeks ago signed up for cam plus and thought I was able to select pet detection in the AI settings. Now I am only seeing Person, Packages and Vehicle, no pet option. Did something change? I’m trying to keep an eye on my elderly sick cat.

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Its there we use it all the time sign out of the app then sign back in and make sure your app and camera’s firmware are up to date

Appreciate your help. I just upgraded the app, checked the firmware and cycled my login. Pet is still not showing up.

I’m able to sort by pet on my events page, but pet doesn’t show up on the cam plus AI detection page. Perhaps, I am looking in the wrong place?

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That’s correct it shows up on the event page when you click to send,that’s the only place

It’s strange. It seems to have disappeared when I switched from my cam plus free trial to the subscription. I’m going to uninstall and reinstall the app to see if it comes back.

Reinstalling didn’t work. I just read another person’s post who had a similar issue. On one of their cams, persons detection went missing and wyze support had to fix it for them.

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I get this error when trying to turn on both or either one pet or package.

I just looked and I see face on my v2,v3 ptz,outdoor cams all working fine,sign out of the app then sign back in and see if yours show up and yes we have cam +

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