Cam Pan v2 missing "Pet Detection" in Wyze AI Detection settings

Under Cam Settings>Event Recording>Cam Plus AI Detection, the Cam Pan V2 is missing “Pet Detection”. All my other cameras with Cam Plus enabled have the option to turn on/off “Pet Detection”.

Cam Pan v2 Example:

Cam V3 Example (working properly):

The main problem is that Pet Detection is enabled for my Pan V2 and I cannot disable it. The neighborhood cats keeps triggering “Pet” alerts.

This could have also been categorized under Wyze AI, but since it is only an issue with the Cam Pan V2, I thought it was best under Cameras.

I submitted Support Ticket 1496543 for this as I believe this is a regression or defect.

Wyze is aware of this issue and is working on it. It is currently undergoing beta testing (Android app v2.25.12). :+1:

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Thank you for confirming. The Wizard team didn’t seem to know that this was a known issue as they were having me take troubleshooting steps.

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I just installed and tested Beta v2.25.12, it doesn’t appear to be resolved with that version.

Edit: Disregard, I cleared the app cache and the latest Beta has the fix. Thanks for the help!

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No problem… glad to help. :+1:

Heads up… it looks like Pet Detection setting for CP2 didn’t make it into the latest production apps, v2.25.22 (Android) and v2.25.21 (iOS).

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Thanks for the heads up and linking it to the release. I noticed the regression after getting v2.25.22 yesterday.


@Seapup Have you heard anything new about this? I just changed over to Cam Plus Unlimited without thinking it through and unfortunately now all my cams are alerting. I didn’t think about the fact that it would reset my AI settings to enable everything.

Wyze is aware of the issue, but no word on when a fix will be out.

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