Pan v2 missing “Detects person” in Triggers

Pan v2 running the latest firmware
I need “Detects person” in rules: device triggers. Trying to activate Wyze plug when a person is detected. I have CamPlus active on all cameras. This is available on v3’s and works great! Any help would be greatly appreciated! I have attached a screenshot. On v3 it is listed below Detects CO alarm sound.

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Welcome to the community @tcenterauto

Let me start by stating, I am running the following:

Android App Version: 2.27.33
iOS App Version: 2.27.16 (5)
Pan Cam v2 beta Version:

Cam Plus is associated with the camera. This can be seen when you do start a Live Stream, top right you will see the Cam Plus icon.

With that said, I looked to see if I could create a rule as you indicated and my Trigger for the Pan Cam v2. Here is an image:

It seems as if you don’t have Cam Plus associated with the camera. There was an issue where even though toggles were set for options, it was not really. So I would first, remove the Cam Pan v2 from Cam Plus and back out to the main Home screen. Then go back to accounts and associate Cam Plus back to the Pan Cam v2, Then shut the app down and restart it. Then see if it is available.

The other difference is that I am running a beta version of the Firmware, so it may be that as well, If you are interested in the Beta App and Firmware, let me know and I will add instructions on how to set that up.


Thank you, the beta version of the app fixed the missing triggers. Wyze “engineers” were not able to fix the problem. On a separate note, desktop live view beta does not seem to work with FW version on the Pan v2. works fine. I lost desktop view on three cameras before I realized this.