Why are my wyze..cameras catching a bunch of nonsense a

Why are all my cameras capturing nonsense and saying it’s a person or a vehicle. So frustrating when they miss something important. I must have my cameras working properly due to my place had a break in and our block with multiple issues. These cameras are all over the place. I new one I got quit working. I cannot have person detection working ever.i have a felony stalker. The issue is with wyze and I’ve done everything. You buy four subscriptions and none of them work. Two won’t even do playback. I’ve taken them all down trying to fix the issues including no capturing, going off line two in back are not capturing at all the other one is off and on and the front is a capturing nightmare. It will say my dog statue is a vehicle, a person is a leaf. Turn down sensitivity and it captures nothing. Help please.

If you post a screenshot of what the cams are seeing when it falsely detects a person, many of us can probably tell you what it is falsely identifying and options for what you can do about it. We have seen many examples and helped many people resolve theirs.

Keep in mind that what it highlights in green is NOT what it is identifying as a person. The green highlight is only telling you what is currently moving (pixel changes), not what the AI detected in a still frame that it analyzed. So I almost guarantee it didn’t think a leaf is a person, but that the leaf may have instigated a motion detection and the person detection was actually something completely different in view of the camera, often something that didn’t even move at all.

There are various things you can do about it depending on your particular situation and environment.

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Also, welcome back to the forums, I’m sorry to hear it is under such bad circumstances and that you are dealing with stress and trouble.

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Each of my 27 cams, all on Cam Plus, had to be individually tuned to peak effectiveness. I know @carverofchoice has twice or more what I have and has also tuned each cam for its unique FOV. Wyze cams are not point and shoot. There are far too many use case and FOV variables and adjustment settings to make them one configuration to fit all.

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