Wyze cam detection issues

I have 6 Wyze cams and everything worked perfect till March 2020. My cameras got an update in March and ever since the detection is complete garbage. For example i have 2 cameras on my driveway, 90% of the time it will not pick up any movement, but 1 cam will sometimes pick up someone leaving. or the other cam will pick up movement at my house but not someone driving down my driveway. And this issue isnt limited to the outdoors, i have 4 other cameras in my house and they will randomly detect. I have deleted and re-added the cams. I have reached out to tech support and no one seems to respond.

Has anyone else had issues since March?

My cameras worked flawlessly before that. Whatever happened in the update has turned my cameras into nothing more then viewing stations.

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Have you tried using the phone number for tech support? You can get a faster response!

Wyze was using a third party company for person detection that worked really well. Unfortunately, a big company bought out that company and is not allowing Wyze to use the technology anymore. So the detection has changed a little, but I know they are working hard on their own better detection and I think with time they will have it be even better than before.

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Person detection is not the issue… its detecting everything else. i can walk past my camera 5 times over the course of an hour and it may only pick up 1 time if im lucky. Before it would pick up everything anytime. And the sound detection as the same issue. The problem runs deeper then switching person detection tech.

Double check your detection settings, sometimes updating the app will reset them. Go into a camera ->Settings->Detection Settings make sure everything is at a acceptable range.

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