Wyze Cam Outdoors are Not Picking any Events & No customer support

I have four Wyze Outdoor with Cam Plus subscription. For weeks, they are not detecting any persons. Now, for the last 3 weeks, they are not detecting any motion.
I have created multiple tickets with the Wyze Support and even chatted with a Support person but no one has contacted me or attempted to fix this.
The latest log ID: 312637.
The latest Wyze ticket ID: 1507408

Have you called support on the phone to discuss your issues ? Since you have submitted tickets give them a call M-F 4 AM-8PM Pacific time 206-339-9646 or 1- 844-999-3226. On Saturday support is available 8AM-4PM Pacific time.
How is the signal to the cams, batteries all charged up, can you see the cams in live view? I have 4 WCO that I set up in October 2020 and they are all working fine so I do not believe it is a WYZE System issue.
You can post more info. here with your network information, cam settings and any other information that would help. There are some smart people here who may be able to help with more information.

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I have not called on the phone. I did contact the support via chat. I just received an email with instructions (6 steps). I tried them all but still no resolution. Thank you for the phone number! As today is Sunday, I’ll give them a call tomorrow morning

Regarding your questions, the signal is strong. I had been successfully using them for months now. I tested the above 6 steps with one camera next to the wireless router. I’m wondering if there is a software bug. I shared the cameras with my wife as she also got a Wyze watch. I suspect that my problems started around that time. But, I’m not certain.

If they were working good for months before that is a good sign. I know nothing about sharing except what it is. Maybe another member can give you better information until you can get it worked out with support.

When you do a trouble ticket ,I fill in my email address and a copy goes in your email and I received an email back from c.s.