Disappointed in Customer Support

One of my outdoor cams is not properly detecting motion, so I reached out to customer support. I was just constantly told to submit logs, which I did and nothing ever progressed from there. Customer support was supposed to contact me after they received the logs - they didn’t. Then when I would reach back out, all I would be told is to submit the logs. The issue still isn’t fixed and I had to buy another camera and re-sign up for Ring’s recording service to have back ups for the faulty camera. I am definitely far less confident in Wyze ability to protect my home after this experience.

Anyone else having a similar issue with their outdoor cam not detecting motion?

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As you may or may not know the WCO detect motion best when the movement is across the PIR zone. The red line on this screen shot shows where to face of the cam is pointing. My 4 cams detect just fine.

Thanks for the tip! That’s unfortunately not an optimal position for the camera