Wyze cam outdoor not detecting motion

my outdoor cam has cam plus and is mounted above the garage door. it detects motion sporadically. the best it’s done is catch me when i drive out from the garage but fails to detect my return. it misses the mail carrier, dog walkers, me walking across the PIR field to test it…

i filed a ticket with support and followed their troubleshooting instructions but no joy. I’ve also iterated through variations of distance and sensitivity settings without success.

any one have other ideas?

Something you might consider trying is aiming your camera a little higher. I originally setup my cameras aimed low to get more view of my yard and less view of the sky and they wouldn’t detect anything unless I was standing directly under them. By the time they detected me pulling out of my driveway and started recording I was already long gone.

thanks for the help. turns out it was a hardware issue. wyze sent me a replacement which works perfectly out of the box.

now to see if I can get the other outdoor cam to work. what are the chances of ordering two cameras and both cameras turning out to be defective. SMH

Glad they straightened it out for you! Possibly a bad batch of product or something. It sucks but it happens.