Wyze Cam Outdoor v2 does not detect motion or record

Just ordered an outdoor v2 a couple days ago. I have four CamV3s and one CamV2. All those work fine but my new Outdoor V2 does not send notifications for motion or record anything. I can walk around right in front of it, walk up and poke the lens, drive by it in my car. Nothing. I have tried all kinds of different settings, setting schedules, etc. Still Nothing. I am wondering if I should just return it for a refund.

Sorry your seeing these issues, I have 4 outdoor cams, so should be able to help.

First, the outdoor cams use PIR (heat sensing) to detect you, rather than pixel changes like the other cams. This means some things like waving trees (good) or things that are super far away (bad) won’t be detected.

Also, make sure the cam is not upside down or sideways, and the motion your wanting to capture is inside the bottom half of the live view.

Check you have detection settings correct, event recording, and notifications. Also make sure you have notifications enabled for the Wyze app in your phones settings, and the bell icon on the home page of the Wyze all doesn’t say zzz.

Are you seeing events recorded in the events tab of the app? Try turning up the sensitive and distance in detection settings.

I’m having the same problems with outdoor v2
I have a cam v3 and have no problems and experience with all the settings for detecting motion. I went through and triple checked all detection settings as outlined in the previous post also to mention I have Cam+ on both cameras and firmware is up to date.