Wyze Cam Outdoor v2 Useless except for livestream viewing!

Have the base station w/ 1st Outdoor v2 plus an one add-on Outdoor v2. Set up at the end of Aug and everything was working fine regarding events and notifications. After two days everything started to go downhill, no events no notifications and there were no changes to settings or placement. Been working through support desk and finding that to be more time consuming than anything. Answers seem to be more relating to other cams than the Outdoor v2. Just wanted this system to provide basic captures around entry points. The system is very erratic. I can walk near the camera and it does nothing one time and walk by it later and it will show an event. Seems to not want to work at night to capture events either. I will walk by the camera heading toward the front door and the Door Cam captures the motion but the OD v2 does not. Checked settings again, no rules and set sensitivity to max. Such a waste of money and time.

Outdoor battery powered cam V2 best detects motion side to side not straight at or away from the camera.
I have been using the Version One WCO for 2 years and 11 months. I have sensitivity set at 100% and the area I want to detect motion is in the PIR Zone as required. I also have some of the cams recording motion events to a 32GB SD card in the cams using scheduled event recording along with using Cam Plus Lite for cloud events.


Okay, now that I have had the system up and running , capturing motion and recorded to the individual camera’s MicroSD card I have a grasp on the system. The system sucks the cameras have some sort of time lag issue (sensitivity is at 100%) because when looking at the events the motion is only being detected at the end of capture. The cameras are all set to be in the PIR window and the cooldown is 0. I can pull out of my garage and the camera doesn’t capture it or capture my car in the roadway. The camera may capture my car pulling into the driveway one out of ten times. The only thing that i feel worthwhile is possibly the live stream. I do not feel comfortable that I could rely on it actually capturing a person running onto to my property or anyone pulling into my driveway. Have healthcare workers coming at times and sometimes the camera actually captures their cars puling into the driveway. My friend has the same setup as I do and he has had is for over a year and told me the same issues I have he has and reminds me all the time “I told you not to buy Wyze”

As I said I have the Version one WCO that I have been using for 2 years and 11 months and I do not have the issues you do. I had them watching the street prior to my purchase of V3 and V3 Pro cams.
These vehicles are at least 55 feet from the camera.

Now I use them for important things :rofl: :rofl:

I’m glad you don’t seem to have any issues. The nighttime “color” also sucks, I have to switch the cameras to the standard b/w for clarity. This system is not for me. Since it lags in capture and objects are barely caught in true time it’s next to impossible to identify the vehicle or person. If the Wyze Cam Outdoor v2 isn’t working as advertised I don’t think I’ll be investing in any more equipment.