Wyze Cam Outdoor v2 no live stream, several minutes delayed detection

Just installed Wyze cam OUtdoor v2, but found no live stream (I have indoor v3, the live stream is very good), and detection is always several minutes or longer delayed. And there is no notification sound for Wyze APP if someone appears. The firmware is updated to for Base, Cam is Very frustrated. Help please.

I have two battery cameras with WYZE I don’t depend on these for anything these are just two extra cameras I bought and wasted my money but I have solar panels hooked up to them battery stays charged for a long time occasionally they will pick up a person but I depend on my V3 cameras to do all the work. These battery cameras spend more time not working than working don’t drive yourself crazy.

when the time was 7:35am, the Wyze cam outdoor v2 still stayed at 1:05am last night, Operated many times back and forth to view, it finally got the current time but stayed there again. So frustrated. I will ask for return.

Go into advanced settings scroll all the way down and update your time and do you have a good signal between your router and the camera?

Thanks Pizzadave.
advanced setting > Sync Time (Sync) button does not work. The signal is pretty good. I add two SD cards (one in base and one in Cam) but the Cam sometimes shows the SD card sometimes no SD card. I think this Wyze Cam Outdoor v2 is not a mature product, too many bugs.

Ugh sorry

Got time to test it again. Put this outdoor cam inside room. The live view seems good probably because the signal strength is much better, but there is no notification if someone appears in front of cam, no matter what I tried to set up the alarm. Gee, Call the customer service and got the return label (you have to pay yourself).

Yes I only use the outdoor camera for viewing camera I don’t depend on it for notifications

The way these cams work isn’t for everyone. It does sound like you might as well try a different product elsewhere instead of trying to understand it.