Outdoor Cam - Notifies, Records Events, No live stream

My cameras were working fine. I could live stream and all. But now all of a sudden, I can no longer get them to live stream. This has happened a few times before but I’d really like to know why it happens. They are all mounted high and it requires a ladder to go up and reset them. Last time I had to power cycle all the cameras and the base to get them working again.

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I would assume you’re talking about the Wyze Cam Outdoor (battery powered outdoor camera)?
Hoy far away is the camera, how many signal strength bars show in the app?

What firmware version are the camera on? What version is your Wyze app?

Thank You! Yes, Outdoor Cams. I have 4 of them at this location plus 2 indoor cameras. Outdoor Cameras are at, app is at v2.22.21. The base station is on its firmware. Cameras are all between 10’ and 40’ from the use station. The crazy thing is that sometimes, hours later, they begin to work. But as a security and notification system, that does me no good at all. Since I’m not here all the time, I count on the cameras and my security system to work all the time. The security system works flawlessly, but the cameras don’t. When they are working, most of the time it takes 3 - 5 minutes to receive notification.