Added a second Wyze Outdoor Cam and now no motion detected on either camera

Added a second Wyze Outdoor Cam and now no motion detected on either camera. Nothing recorded.
The 2nd camera did an update after installed/connected.

Welcome to the forums! Did you verify the settings after the update? The most recent update had been out on hold due to an issue. What firmware version are on the camera and the base, and what app version # are you using? Can you connect to the cameras atleast and live view?

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I have had the same issue a few days ago on my outdoor cam, no motion detected/recorded, It’s a cam that had been working for months, thought maybe a wifi problem, but placed it right next to my router and same issue.

Tried numerous way to fix it, it finally worked again after I deleted the camera from the app and reinstalled it.

The camera connects to the base station, not your wifi. Or are you talking about the base station?

Well both are near each other, when I pull up the camera live view works fine so no wifi issue,

It’s now back to no detection again no recording noticed the IR isn’t working either, I have a V2, V3 and a Pan, they all are working fine, the 2 outdoor cams I have have serious issues, one quit working totally after going from 80% charge to 5% in a very short time and is now junk, the one still working doesn’t detect or record, only thing it does detect is if I drive my truck in front of it, nothing else, can walk in front of it and wave my arms and it doesn’t detect it.